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  1. Advanced OpenGL in Python with PyGame and PyOpenGL

    Advanced OpenGL in Python with PyGame and PyOpenGL Introduction Following the previous article, Understanding OpenGL through Python where we've set the foundation for further learning, we can jump into OpenGL u...Learn More
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  2. Brief Introduction to OpenGL in Python with PyOpenGL

    Brief Introduction to OpenGL in Python with PyOpenGL Introduction In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to use PyOpenGL library in Python. OpenGL is a graphics library which is supported by multiple platfo...Learn More
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  3. Using ctypes.c_void_p as an input to glTexImage2D?

    I'm using a 3rd party DLL to load in some raw image data, and I want to use this raw image data as a texture in openGL. However, the c function returns a void*, and I need to somehow convert this so it will wo...Learn More
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  4. PyOpenGL + Pygame capped to 60 FPS in Fullscreen

    I'm currently working on a game engine written in pygame and I wanted to add OpenGL support. I wrote a test to see how to make pygame and OpenGL work together, and when it's running in windowed mode, it runs b...Learn More
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  5. How can I determine the monitor refresh rate?

    Is there a cross platform way to get the monitor's refresh rate in python (2.6)? I'm using Pygame and PyOpenGL, if that helps. I don't need to change the refresh rate, I just need to know what it is....Learn More
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  6. pyopengl: Could it replace c++?

    I'm starting a computer graphics course, and I have to choose a language. Choices are between C++ and Python. I have no problem with C++, python is a work in progress. So i was thinking to go down the python r...Learn More
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  7. Pyglet OpenGL drawing anti-aliasing

    I've been looking around for a way to anti-alias lines in OpenGL, but none of them seem to work... here's some example code: import pyglet f...Learn More
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  8. Trying to Graph a Simple Square in pyOpenGL

    I'm trying to teach myself OpenGL using pyopengl and I'm struck on trying to render a simple 2D square centered at the origin. Whenever I set an array value greater than or equal to 1, the shape takes up the en...Learn More
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  9. How to PyOpengl or pyglet to draw on top of desktop?

    I'm writing an application that is looking to draw basic polygons and ellipses on the Windows 7 desktop using OpenGL. According to this previous question, this is possibly by getting the window handle to the de...Learn More
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  10. Efficiency of display lists in OpenGL with Python?

    I have been teaching myself OpenGL programming using the Python wrapper PyOpenGL, and am now working on my first project with it. This project is a music visualizer (not dissimilar to whitecap) using many inde...Learn More
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  11. why wont this code display my texture in pyopenGL

    I'm trying to get multipass texturing work for me but right now i can get simple texturing to work, can anybody spor whats going wring with the following code. This examples just shows the poly as white, rather...Learn More
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  12. Trying to use PyOpenGL and having problems

    I am following the tutorial from http://pyopengl.sourceforge.net/context/tutorials/shader_1.xhtml The problem is I am using PyOpenGL 3.0.2, which when I import OpenGL from python3.2 it works perfectly fine. I...Learn More
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