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  1. HashMap and TreeMap in Java: Differences and Similarities

    HashMap and TreeMap in Java: Differences and Similarities The performance of a Java program and the proper use of resources are often depend on a collection a developer chose for storing data. Hence, it is very...Learn More
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  2. How to iterate over a TreeMap?

    Possible Duplicate: How do I iterate over each Entry in a Map? I want to iterate over a TreeMap, and for all keys which have a particular value, I want them to be added to a new TreeMap. How can I do...Learn More
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  3. Treemap visualization in Python

    I'm interested in drawing a treemap: What is the easiest way to make one in Python? Is there a library that could produce such a graphic, given the proper input data?...Learn More
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  4. Python dump dict to json file

    I have a dict like this: sample = {'ObjectInterpolator': 1629, 'PointInterpolator': 1675, 'RectangleInterpolator': 2042} I can't figure out how to dump the dict to a json file as showed below: { "n...Learn More
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  5. Java - Is it common practice to use a hashtable (eg HashMap) to map objects to themselves?

    I'm making a java application that is going to be storing a bunch of random words (which can be added to or deleted from the application at any time). I want fast lookups to see whether a given word is in the d...Learn More
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  6. How to iterate through a PORTION of a TreeMap?

    I'm doing an assignment where I have to search through keys in a TreeMap (that are mapped to files that they are found in. Basically, this TreeMap is an Inverted Index) that start with a query word that we spec...Learn More
  7. d3 zoomable treemap JSON value attributes

    It looks as though the attribute we use in the JSON to specify the rectangle size must be named "value" otherwise Mike's code at http://bost.ocks.org/mike/treemap/ won't work. I tried replacing "value" with "am...Learn More
  8. Does an unmodifiable view of TreeMap retain the key ordering?

    Suppose I have a TreeMap<Long,Long> map. I need to view an unmodifiable version from a getter so I return a Map<Long,Long> of return Collections.unmodifiableMap(map);. However, I need it to be retu...Learn More
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