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  1. how to resolve Inconvertible types error in Maven

    I am using maven 3.0.5 and JDK 1.7.0_17. When i run maven using mvn install i get the following error in many places wherever conversion happens and in JBoss it's showing as Warning. [ERROR] \Workspace\my-app\s...Learn More
  2. Python Document Writer Error

    I am creating a simple document writer system in python that runs in the IDLE. This is the source code: def openn(): global n if n==1: print("[1] - " + title) print("[2] - Exit") ...Learn More
  3. I would like to color highlight sections of a pipeline string according to a regex in Powershell

    This is a question of technique, but as an exercise my intention is to write a PS to accept piped input, with a regex as a parameter, and highlight any text matching the regex. The part I'm not able to find an...Learn More
  4. Why f1 is found but f2 not?

    Following codes are in two source files. First: namespace A { // two friends; neither is declared apart from a friend declaration // these functions implicitly are members of namespace A class C { ...Learn More
  5. Issue with file upload in one click

    I'm using an icon instead of the regular upload input + submit button. I want the upload to starts automatically right after a file is chosen. Once the user selects a file, nothing happens though. <for...Learn More
  6. Filter posts by selected option in angularjs

    <div class="ng_wrapper" data-ng-init="portfolios=[ {name: 'Portfolio 1', type: 'red'}, {name: 'Portfolio 2', type: 'red'}, {name: 'Portfolio 3', type: 'black'}, {name: 'Portfolio 4', type: 'black'} ]"&am...Learn More
  7. JQM Drop downs in menu header and event handling for each option

    Hello i am trying to make a JQM Webapp with 2 drop downs in menu bar something like - Menu 1 Title of Page SubMenu 1 Menu1 has 5 Main options and Menu2 has 5 sub option...Learn More
  8. JUnit - expected exception message regular expression

    I'm switching from TestNg to JUnit. I need to match expected exception message with predefined regular expression such as in the following TestNg code: @Test(expectedExceptions = SomeClass.class, expectedExcept...Learn More
  9. Select each month even though the month not exist in mysql table

    Let say I have these two tables in mysql. table1: date staff_no 2016-06-10 1 2016-06-09 1 2016-05-09 1 2016-04-09 1 table2: staff_no name 1 David Then, I have this query to get an...Learn More
  10. Unbound Method With Class Instance

    I'm trying to figure out how to correct my error because I"m not quite sure I understand what is going on with the error. File "/Users/me/PycharmProjects/Project/project/", line 15, in get do = Playe...Learn More
  11. Convert to a urllib.request to an integer

    Am I able to convert the value us_price into an integer after the following: import urllib.request page = urllib.request.urlopen ("") text ="utf8") ...Learn More
  12. Extracting sub-string after the first space in Python

    I need help in regex or Python to extract a substring from a set of string. The string consists of alphanumeric. I just want the substring that starts after the first space and ends before the last space like t...Learn More