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[ Convert to a urllib.request to an integer ]

Am I able to convert the value us_price into an integer after the following:

import urllib.request

page = urllib.request.urlopen ("http://au.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=AUDUSD=X")
text = page.read().decode("utf8")

where1 = text.find('yfs_l10_audusd=x">')

start_of_us_price = where1 + 18
end_of_us_price = start_of_us_price + 6

us_price = text[start_of_us_price:end_of_us_price]

I have tried usp = int(us_price) to no avail

Answer 1

You probably should use float(us_price), but if you want int then int(float(us_price)).