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[ Helping Hearts for the Helpless Hearts…❤️ ]

In India if we see the situation and condition a poor is living be it an urban or rural region, the hardship & difficulties he/she might be facing is given very less importance, it is not strange thing but it is a country where millions of people live in extreme poverty, but that is how things have been always. The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals focused on planning to achieve the eradication of hunger and malnutrition by 2030 is a way which is planned in different underdeveloped and developing nations at large to be implemented to bring a better change. Help at least once…..You will never regret. State of Hunger in India According to FAO estimates in ‘The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2019 report, 194.4 million people are undernourished in India. By this measure 14.5% of the population is undernourished in India. The Global Hunger Index 2018 ranks India at 103 out of 119 countries on the basis of three leading indicators Prevalence of wasting and stunting in children under 5 years Under 5 child mortality rate Proportion of undernourished in the population. Food Loss & Food Waste Approximately one third of the food produced for consumption purpose is wasted. also there are losses during the time of harvesting and post harvest period like at distribution point and consumption stages. There is some amount of food is also wasted due to excess production, in warehouses. which could be saved by using better ways right from production and distribution to the stage of consumption by consumer. “Mother Teresa” Therefore, it is also important, for citizens, civic bodies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) as well as industry leaders, to come together to help the marginalised section. Here are few of the different platforms and organizations which are helping these helpless hearts in one way or the other through different means: Akshaya Patra: The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a Bengaluru NGO in India. which strives to eliminate classroom hunger by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in the government schools and government-aided schools. Today, Akshaya Patra is the world’s largest (not-for-profit run) Mid-Day Meal Programme serving food every school day to over 1.8 million children from 19,039 schools across 12 states & 2 Union territories of India. Robin Hood Army: Robin Hood Army is a volunteer-based non-government organisation that distributes food in 41 cities across India. The NGO takes surplus food from restaurants, convention halls, and homes, and distributes it to those who need it. You can join the 8,430+ volunteers to be part of their initiative. Roti Bank by Dabbawalas: Mumbai’s Dabbawalas’ initiative, Roti Bank, distributes food among the needy. They also take leftover food from parties, social events, and homes. In order to make a donation, you can contact them and the food will be collected by the Dabbawalas. Action Against Hunger: was founded with a simple goal in mind that no more hungry children in India. No more deaths caused by starvation, no more of irreversible damage to mental or physical health due to lack of food and water. No more denying our children their basic human right to be free from hunger. Around 20% of India’s children underfive years oldsuffer from acute malnutrition-that is 8 million children. Undernutrition kills around 1 million of those children each year and is the reason behind 50% of all child deaths in India. Feeding India: Feeding India aims to tackle two major problems — hunger and wastage of food. They take excess food from individuals, weddings, restaurants, and corporate offices, and donate it to the underprivileged. With over 2,200 volunteers in more than 32 cities, the organization has served more than 1,300,000 meals till date. the areas where feeding india is active are NCR, Lucknow, Jaipur, Nagpur, Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Goa. Feed them Feel them…..!!! Santhimandiram: It works with homeless and abandoned people by providing them with an shelter. They provide shelter to people they find at bus stations, government hospitals, railway stations, etc. You can donate extra food left from functions or events for them, or you can donate freshly made food as well. SerudsIndia: It was made by a team of youth who were passionately working for the welfare of society where problems of disadvantaged sections were not been given importance and this way finally Seruds was formed. It is a kurnool based NGO involved in charity work in all the ways of social, economic, skill based, education, old orphanage, helping elderly women, students, women empowerment and many other for ST’s, SC’s, Dalits and Backward classes. SERUDS believes that all human beings are equal and has the right to have good health and a proper standard of living. No Hungry Child: This initiative was started by Mr. V Sridhar in 2000, where Initially he started with an idea of helping the Social Organisations in the area of fundraising with the help of kind hearted philanthropies. He started the Nutritious Meal Program in Bangalore and realised that this concept should spread across the state then nation then the rest of the world. Embracing the World: Embracing the World feeds more than 10 million poor people every year throughout India. they have been fighting hunger since more than 25 years. In the first six months after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, we provided more than six million free meals to disaster survivors, as well as more than 185 tons of uncooked rice to help the survivors make ends meet. Along with food distribution, our centers often provide free, specialized medical services. All treatment and medicines are provided free of charge. Its Never late………..You Can Start Now Also………!!!!! Be a Helping Heart for the Helpless Heart………❤️❤️❤️