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  1. minimizing run time by ordering scripts to run in the right order

    I am using scrapy and scrapyd to crawl some content. I have 28 crawlers that run, but only 8 at a time. Each crawler takes from 10 min to several hours to complete. So im looking for a way to order them correct...Learn More
  2. Python map() function output into Pandas DataFrame

    I utilize python's map() function to pass parameters to a trading model and output the results. I use itertools.product to find all the possible combinations of the two parameters, then pass the combination to...Learn More
  3. What version of Pyramid do I have and what's the best way to update?

    I'm using Pyramid and I'm wondering how I can check what version I'm currently using. Also, how can I update my Pyramid?...Learn More
  4. AntiXSS JavaScriptEncode gets HTML encoded?

    I've just started using AntiXSS (4.3.0), mostly to use @Encoder.JavaScriptEncode as described here. I installed AntiXSS from Nuget, then added encoderType="Microsoft.Security.Application.AntiXssEncoder, AntiXss...Learn More
  5. Jquery: How to put a listener on Angular strap datetimepicker value change?

    I have to listen to the angular strap date time picker value change from jquery (Cannot add code in the angular application/controllers or use anuglar code). Please provide a way to do it by using Jquery/JScri...Learn More
  6. Flask-mongoengine document id

    I'm trying to implement flask-login in my application which uses flask-mongoengine too. Here is my user proto: class User(db.Document, UserMixin): username = db.StringField(max_length=80) email = db.Str...Learn More
  7. Conditional shift in pandas

    The following pandas DataFrame is an example that I need to deal with: Group Amount 1 1 100 2 1 300 3 1 400 4 1 700 5 2 500 6 2 900 He...Learn More
  8. Angular forEach with comparison from json?

    So I have an input field which fetches data from lets say json1. On submit, I want that input value to be compared to data from json2 and do different stuff depending on the outcome, but I can't wrap my head ar...Learn More
  9. Dr Frank made it through the Cub Scouts but he got kicked out of the Webelos

    SCENE REPORT — My Texas redux: We had our shows with the Queers and the Capitalist Kids over the weekend, and, as always, Texas treated us right. Not only was everyone extra specially kind and welcoming, but t...Learn More
  10. pack multiple variables of different datatypes in list/array python

    I have multiple variables that I need to pack as one and hold it sequentially like in a array or list. This needs to be done in Python and I am still at Python infancy. E.g. in Python: a = Tom b = 100 c = 3.14 ...Learn More
  11. WPF: Changing the look of a Surface Listbox "click-effect"

    I'm changing the look of some Controls that I use in my Microsoft Surface Application at the moment. And today I'm working on a SurfaceListBox. I have the template for it and already changed background and bor...Learn More
  12. Verifying a Digitally Signed PDF in Python

    I am currently working on some PDF processing code in Python. For this project, the software needs to be able to verify that a PDF has a valid digital signature. In my searching so far, I have found a few Jav...Learn More