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  1. Difference between SQL and NoSQL

    **Difference between SQL and NoSQL** Here you will learn about difference between sql and nosql or sql vs nosql. Both are a complete different concept, which could be better understood by the following explanat...Learn More
  2. Installing eyed3 in windows

    trying to install eyed3 under python 2.7.5 I have done a google search and have been following what I found to install eyed3. The instructions were as follows extract the zip file to a temp folder (filename e...Learn More
  3. Transfer values from one dataframe to another

    I have two data frames. The first looks like this: value <- seq(1, 100, length.out=20) df1 <- data.frame(id=as.character(1:20), value=value, stringsAsFactors=...Learn More
  4. Orange Juice, I Ordered

    A beautiful morning, it was. Hungry, I turned out to be. To a restaurant, I did venture. Out of the ordinary, nothing was. The menu, I did look at. An omelet, I did desire. Hash browns, and wheat toast, t...Learn More
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  5. Switch between FCGI and CGI with Python and Flup

    I'm currently moving all my Python CGI scripts to WSGI standard using Flup (http://trac.saddi.com/flup), I created a dispatch.fcgi file calling and using Flup as described in the documentation: from flup.server...Learn More
  6. Assistance with Django model relationships

    class Pinyin(models.Model): pinyinWord = models.CharField(max_length=200) englishWord = models.CharField(max_length=1000) englishPhrase = models.TextField() pinyinPhrase = models.TextField()...Learn More
  7. Ncurses displaying unwanted text after cursor

    I asked a question yesterday and you guys were very helpful. Another issue popped up after that and this time it's regarding ncurses. Whenever I move the arrow (<) around, unwanted text pops up after the cur...Learn More
  8. Vectors -> Perpendicular distance from vector to point in 2D space

    I have a sprite that moves along a vector (-0.7,-0.3). I have another point whose coordinates I have - let's call them (xB|yB). Now, quite some time ago I learned to calculate the perpendicular distance from a...Learn More
  9. Displaying NULL in ng-grid for angularjs

    ngGrid is converting my NULL cells to 0 or an empty string ("") based on the column type. I need this displayed as 'NULL' instead. What is an efficient way to do this? There could be 10,000+ rows of data displ...Learn More
  10. I need to change the end date to 23:59:59 pm as opposed to 12 am

    I am sending a date variable for start time and end time The start time is find being automatically set to 12 am However I need to end date to be set to 23:59:59 below are the code fragments that address the da...Learn More
  11. access dictionary for use within a countdown in SWIFT

    I have a working countdown which you can increase by pushing the add button and thats what the time counts down from (so basically a user can set the countdown) I would like to display the starting time as 00:0...Learn More
  12. 5 Career Building Hobbies You Can Learn Now

    We all love to pursue our interests and some form of activity in our free time. Whether on your morning commute to work or your evening drive back home, there are numerous ways to spend your leisure time. Most...Learn More
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