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  1. Spring Cloud Stream with RabbitMQ: Message-Driven Microservices

    Spring Cloud Stream with RabbitMQ: Message-Driven Microservices Overview In this article, we'll introduce you to Spring Cloud Stream, which is a framework for building message-driven microservice applications t...Learn More
  2. Does the content type header in RabbitMQ have any special meaning?

    Does the content type header in RabbitMQ have any special meaning, or is it only a standardized way for my producers and consumers to signal what kind of data they are sending? In other words: will messages wit...Learn More
  3. How do I make multiple celery workers run the same tasks?

    I have one task that is checking a url speed, but i want that to be executed by multiple celery workers in different servers. I want the same url to be checked by multiple workers. How can I do that? ...Learn More
  4. Scalable status updates / private messaging for a rails social network app

    I'm trying to learn more about scalability for RoR. I have a basic social networking app that is currently using MySQL to store everything (User relationships, Status Updates, Private Messages). NoSQL database...Learn More
  5. How to deliver a response to a client after a Node.js server gets a message from a AMQP queue?

    When a client makes a get request to '/test' a simple string is exchanged between node.js and python via AMQP, but I don't know how to transmit the response back to the client (since the process is async). test...Learn More
  6. Python: OpenMPI Vs. RabbitMQ

    Suppose that one is interested to write a python app where there should be communication between different processes. The communications will be done by sending strings and/or numpy arrays. What are the consid...Learn More
  7. How do I retry Celery task until certain time?

    I read the docs on Celery tasks and can't understand how I do what I need. I want to start a task, run and retry it every 1 second. After 3 seconds it should stop retrying and return a default value. Here's a P...Learn More
  8. Python Kombu consumer not notified of rabbitmq message (queue.get does work)

    If I run the following code, the callback (test) passed to the consumer is never triggered. However, if I keep an eye on the rabbitmq GUI, I do see that the message is retrieved (but not acknowledged). So it s...Learn More
  9. Running a Celery task when unable to import that task

    I have two servers: one running a django app and one running both a rabbitmq queue and a celery worker. My tasks.py on the server running the queue/worker contains a task as follows: @task(queue="reports") def ...Learn More
  10. Does Heroku no longer support Celery?

    I was finally getting to the point where I had some free time and wanted to add Celery to my Python/Flask project on Heroku. However, almost all mentions of Celery from the Heroku docs are gone. There used to b...Learn More
  11. Flushing a queue using AMQP, Rabbit, and Ruby

    I'm developing a system in Ruby that is going to make use of RabbitMQ to send messages to a queue as it does some work. I am using: Ruby 1.9.1 Stable RabbitMQ 1.7.2 AMQP gem v0.6.7 (http://github.com/tmm1/amq...Learn More
  12. workling client stops in a few seconds after start

    Hi I'm trying to use RabbitMQ instead of Starling I've configured my app and everything seems to be fine but when i run 'script/ workling_client start' it starts to work and ends in a few seconds and I can't ge...Learn More