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  1. How to find an app's available restrictions for DevicePolicyManager.setApplicationRestrictions

    The new Android Lollipop API provides a new pair of methods for getting and setting restrictions on other apps: DevicePolicyManager.getApplicationRestrictions and DevicePolicyManager.setApplicationRestrictions ...Learn More
  2. The getDecorView method return view include navigation bar view on lollipop?

    I use SlidingMenu to implement my slide-in menus. The code is private void initSlidingMenu() { // configure the SlidingMenu menu = new SlidingMenu(this); menu.setMode(SlidingMenu.LEFT); menu.s...Learn More
  3. Does the new Android Runtime (ART) compile only Java code AOT?

    I read about the new Android Runtime (ART) which is now the default on Android 5 (Lollipop). I am wondering whether the Ahead of time compilation that this new runtime enables works for Java code only, or for ...Learn More
  4. Material effect on button with background color

    I am using Android v21 support library. I have created a button with custom background color. The Material design effects like ripple, reveal are gone (except the elevation on click) when I use the back ground...Learn More
  5. How to change Android Lollipop Overview/Recents/Multitasking textColor

    How do you change the text color of your apps recents "card" in lollipop? The following do not work: <item name="android:textColorPrimary">#ffffff</item> <item name="android:t...Learn More
  6. Styling the SearchView Widget using support library v21

    I'm trying to style the SearchView widget using the new AppCompat v21, but I'm facing some problems. No matter what layout I set on "suggestionRowLayout" attribute, it does nothing at all. The suggestion dropdo...Learn More
  7. Lollipop - ProgressDialog color change

    I started porting my app into lollipop. I was able to theme the whole app to a particular color I like but I can't change the color of the ProgressDialog which is always green. Is there any way to do this? ...Learn More
  8. android 5.0 material design tabs

    What is the best and easy way to implement material design style tabs just like in the latest Google NewsStand app? That is exactly what I'm looking for but don't know where to start. Any help/direction provide...Learn More
  9. How does the addSharedElement api that was added to FragmentTransaction work?

    Api 21 has added an api called addSharedElement that looks like it is supposed to be used similar to shared views with activity transitions, see: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/FragmentTrans...Learn More
  10. use android L button in android 4.1 like google plus app

    i´m looking for a way to use this rounded button from android L in android 4.1 and above like the "new" google plus app. Is there any backport library or something else (maybe with more android l design fea...Learn More
  11. Android Lollipop, add popup menu from title in toolbar

    I'm unable to see how adding a popup menu from the title is accomplished like is shown in many of the material design examples. Any help would be much appreciated. ...Learn More
  12. Quick return action bar with android lollipop toolbar

    I am using the new toolbar of AppCompat-v21. What I want to do is to hide the action bar when the user starts scrolling downwards and show the action bar again when the user scroll upwards. Its just like the go...Learn More