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  1. angularjs directive - element.html() breaks transclusion

    Reference plunker If I call element.html() in my link function, the transcluded elements no longer compile. That really says it all, and the plunker will demonstrate, but here's the code: Directive: app.direct...Learn More
  2. Directive compile function, adds html but then gets overwritten

    I have an directive. I want it to read configuration options from a table head then build out the tbody tr with angular expressions (ng-repeat) at the compile stage. I have debugged and can get to a stage where...Learn More
  3. element.find does not work for nested elements inside ng-switch

    I have a directive that contains an ng-switch DOM element. I need to bind an event to a DOM node under the ng-switch, but for some reason element.find does not return any nodes under the switch element! In the...Learn More
  4. The attributes passed to directive in angularjs change only into directive scope but not outside

    I want use the directive to customize my code. i have followed button that responsible to switch isCollapsedUpload flag defined in controller as: @scope.isCollapsedUpload=false. When user press on button, the i...Learn More
  5. AngularJs - Directive events and dom rendering

    In the code below, I am trying to use a template (with {{ value }} substitution) but I have been trying for two days to find a way of getting to the rendered code to set some properties on it. I cannot use the ...Learn More
  6. Is it possible to 'watch' attributes' changes

    Is it possible to "watch" for ui changes on the directive? something like that: .directive('vValidation', function() { return function(scope, element, attrs) { element.$watch(function() { ...Learn More
  7. Data-binding in a directive template

    I'm trying to build a really basic Angular directive that generates a "div" that can have two states: "on" and "off". I've naively come up with an implementation that you can find here: http://jsfiddle.net/wSz2...Learn More
  8. 2 way binding directive with a popover/clickover

    I am really enjoying the Angular experience, but have hit the following stumbling block. I am trying to get 2 way binding working with a popover/clickover widget in angular, but am experiencing several issues -...Learn More
  9. Why isn't scope.$watch working?

    Please see this Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/sDnN5/ scope.$watch('points', function (value) { scope.console.push('scope.$watch'); }); for some reason this is not firing when $scope.points change $scope.poin...Learn More
  10. Angular taking DOM snapshot

    I am trying to record the content of a div which is populated using ng-repeat, sort of like taking a snapshot of that div at certain moments so that I don't have to write more code to persist data. link: functi...Learn More
  11. Adding a directive to an existing element

    I am attemping to add the required directive to an element, at some point in the future. In the example, its if the model field is dirty, then make the element required. I have attempted to just set the require...Learn More
  12. Use angularjs to post JSON without a parameter name

    Currently I have a resource like so: return $resource(usersUrl, {}, { //The data model is loaded via a GET request to the app query: {method: 'GET', params: {}, isArray: false}, putupda...Learn More