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  1. Decompile APK to Source Code in Single Click

    **Decompile APK to Source Code in Single Click** In this tutorial I will guide you how to decompile apk to source code in just one click. APK file is compressed form of java classes, XML and several other files...Learn More
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  2. An Introduction To Tiny Icons Widget App For Android Mobiles

    An Introduction To Tiny Icons Widget App For Android Mobiles Suvra Biswas ┬ĚDec 26, 2020 My dear reader friends, today I will talk to you about a very interesting app. The name of this app is Tiny Icons Widget....Learn More
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  3. Android install apk programmatically

    Is it possible to install an apk programmatically in the background or does the user have to accept the installation. My scenario is that I want my employees to all have the same set of applications installed...Learn More
  4. Repackage APK file to contain custom assets - what build tool to use?

    Update: This is an old post, and references below to broken aapt versions will be out of date. Based on previous feedback, I am storing custom text fields in the assets directory of my app. I will write the...Learn More
  5. Signing APK from developer

    Things to know: I'm kinda new to programming I have installed Eclipse with the Android platform loaded on my Macbook Pro I have 2 PCs as well for further troubleshooting and flexibility I commissioned a dev...Learn More
  6. how to create a build file to build mono android project and generate myproject.apk file.?

    I have a mono android project. I can use monodevelop to build the apk of my project. But I want to write a build file (like we do using ANT) with targets that can generate the .apk file. Please point me to the ...Learn More
  7. Including Google Play Downloader Library | APK File Expansion Library

    I'm following dev guide at http://developer.android.com/guide/market/expansion-files.html in order to download additional assets to my apk. I've done all the part about the importation of libraries, etc .. I'v...Learn More
  8. Sign an Android app with Python for Android (Buildozer)

    i'm using Buildozer to compile Python scripts to Android executable files (.apk). But I've got a problem : I can't run them on Android (I have installed it in a virtual machine). I have found that I need to si...Learn More
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  9. Android - Download App

    I'm attempting to create an unsigned internal test build of an application I'm writing, and I'm getting some strange errors. I'm using Eclipse's Android Tools to generate an Unsigned APK, then attach it to our ...Learn More
  10. Android APK Expansion File questions

    I figured since my app is 114 megs I should use an expansion apk. If I throw all these vids into the raw folder of my project it reaches that size. With an expansion APK could I get it to download all those v...Learn More
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  11. how to compile dsplink application in android ndk to develop jni wrapper

    I have the dsplink application running on android omapl138 board.I can run the application in the terminal. I have included the dsplink application in ndk and tried to compile using following Android.mk LOCAL_P...Learn More
  12. Why do we have to rebuild the app in order to see some change in the device?

    But for emulator we don't need to rebuild , it will reflect the changes without rebuilding the app. just go to the back page and come to the changed page, you can see the changes done. My question is that does...Learn More