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  1. What is Arduino?

    What is Arduino? Arduino Explained One of the most common questions I see from people that are just entering electronics and programming is: what is Arduino? Well, Arduino is a platform for microcontroller devi...Learn More
  2. How to Program an Arduino with JavaScript

    How to Program an Arduino with JavaScript Introduction As you probably know (or have heard), Arduino is a great platform to learn and hack on electronics that would otherwise be very difficult to use for a begi...Learn More
  3. Speeding Up Arduino

    Speeding Up Arduino Introduction For many of us, we started out programming on desktops and servers, which seemed to have infinite memory and processing power (well, depending on when you started programming, I...Learn More
  4. Arduino Function Generator: Square Wave with Variable Duty Cycle

    A beautiful but expensive piece of electronic test equipment Hi! Not everyone can afford the $2000 for a beautiful function generator like this Agilent 33210A, but everyone deserves to have basic function gene...Learn More
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  5. 關於實體運算(系列文章整理)

    Learn more. Medium is an open platform where 170 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to ...Learn More
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  6. This Arduino-Controlled Dispenser Turns Bitcoin into Something Tangible: Candy!

    Bitcoin has been making headlines for many years now, and a large percentage of the articles below those headlines focus on the inherent intangibility of the cryptocurrency. How can something that doesn’t exist...Learn More
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  7. Developing Embedded Applications with VS Code Arduino

    Based on the popularity of the “Feather” form-factor created by Adafruit, there are numerous people out there working with a similar setup to one I use frequently. I also know there are experienced developers o...Learn More
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  8. Weekend Arduino Projects for Parents and Kids — Project Zero: “Arduino, meet LED”

    Let there be LED! Ok, so here is the fun part, we are going to turn on a LED! To do that, let’s connect the LED directly into the Arduino. Parents, please help kids do this the first time. The LED has 2 legs....Learn More
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  9. Building an Intelligent Voice Assistant from scratch

    Building an Intelligent Voice Assistant from scratch Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay In my article Home Automation with Alexa, we learned how to emulate IoT devices and control them remotely using a Voic...Learn More
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  10. FT232H with IS31FL3731

    FT232H with IS31FL3731 Charlieplexing Charlieplexing is an interesting technique to drive lots of LEDs with smaller number of output lines. The idea is very simple, given two output lines, you can drive two a...Learn More
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  11. How to connect Teensy 3.2 with Micro-ROS and ROS 2 Foxy

    A few months ago while I was trying to develop a mobile robotic system using a differential drive robot, one important thing that came to my mind is “What robot architecture should I use?” and then immediately ...Learn More
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  12. Best Electromaker Community Projects November 2020 Edition

    Best Electromaker Community Projects November 2020 Edition Check out the best maker, tech, DIY, and IoT projects from the Electromaker community in November 2020! Electromaker Follow Dec 7, 2020 · 3 min read ...Learn More
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