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  1. How to Remove Duplicate Elements from ArrayList in Java

    How to Remove Duplicate Elements from ArrayList in Java In this tutorial you will learn how to remove duplicate elements from arraylist in Java. We can remove repeated elements in arraylist by two ways. Using ...Learn More
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  2. Difference Between ArrayList and LinkedList in Java - Code and Performance

    Difference Between ArrayList and LinkedList in Java - Code and Performance Introduction Lists are some of the most commonly used data structures. In Java, a common question when using a List implementation is: ...Learn More
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  3. How to Convert a Java Array to ArrayList

    How to Convert a Java Array to ArrayList Introduction In this tutorial, we'll be converting an array into a more versatile ArrayList in Java. Arrays.asList() new ArrayList(Arrays.asList()) (Most popular and us...Learn More
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  4. Java: Read a File into an ArrayList

    Java: Read a File into an ArrayList Introduction There are many ways to go about Reading and Writing Files in Java. We typically have some data in memory, on which we perform operations, and then persist in a f...Learn More
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  5. 談Array與LinkedList的特性. 講到常用的資料結構,一定會想到Array和LinkedList,但是一旦被問到他…

    講到常用的資料結構,一定會想到Array和LinkedList,但是一旦被問到他們的差別或是實際如何去應用時,很多人便會無法以實際的例子來詮釋,特別是在面試的時候。 兩者主要差異 以下是我整理出比較常見的差異 Array是index based的結構,LinkedList則是Reference based。 Array會存在sequential memory locations,LinkedList則是sequ...Learn More
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  6. Using Lists in C#

    I am an upper level Software Engineering student currently in a Data Structures and Algorithms class. Our professor wants us to write a program using the List structure found in the C++ STL. I have been tryin...Learn More
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  7. How to convert nested List into multidimensional array?

    In Java I want to convert a nested List which contains at the deepest level a uniform type into an multidimensional array of that type. For example, ArrayList<ArrayList<ArrayList<ArrayList<String>...Learn More
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  8. Duplicates in Arraylist, comparing various fields java

    I have a code to return an arrayList with the duplicates of an ArrayList but seems it's not working, I am comparing all items in the array... public ArrayList&lt;ObjectList&gt; duplicates(ArrayList&...Learn More
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  9. Java: Bidimensional Array with methods/capabilities similar to ArrayList

    I want to create an XY array of integers (or whatever type), but I want to use methods like "add", "remove", "contains", "indexOf" similar to ArrayList class. Is there any existing class with these capabilitie...Learn More
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  10. Given an array of integers [x0 x1 x2], how do you calculate all possible permutations from [0 0 0] to [x0 x1 x2]?

    I am writing a program that takes in an ArrayList and I need to calculate all possible permutations starting with a list of zeroes, up to the value in the corresponding input list. Does anyone know how to iter...Learn More
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  11. Fortran: sparse arrays or lists

    Is there any implementation of sparse arrays or equivalent lists in Fortran. In the stage of computation of large data set we pass say an array of size of n=10000 to a subroutine to do some stuff on them. For e...Learn More
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  12. Retrieving a random item from ArrayList

    I'm learning Java and I'm having a problem with ArrayList and RandomGenerator. I have an object called catalogue which has an array list of objects created from another class called item. I need a method in cat...Learn More
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