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  1. Guide to Parameter Expansion in Bash

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction In Bash, parameter expansion is a feature that allows you to manipulate the value of a variable or to extract part of its value using a special syntax. It i...Learn More
  2. How to Save Command Output as Variable in Bash?

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction In bash scripts, assigning the output of a command to variables can be convinient by storing the outputs of the commands and using them later. In this shor...Learn More
  3. Hashing Passwords in Python with BCrypt

    Introduction Storing passwords securely should be imperative for any credible engineer. Plain text passwords are extremely insecure - you shouldn't even bother considering storing them a plain format. It's enou...Learn More
  4. How to Parse Command Line Arguments in Bash

    Introduction Bash scripts take in command-line arguments as inputs both sequentially and also, parsed as options. The command-line utilities use these arguments to conditionally trigger functions in a Bash scri...Learn More
  5. Pimp my Terminal - An Introduction to "Oh My Zsh"

    Introduction Using a terminal can be a bit of an intimidating experience in the beginning - but after you get used to it, it can boost your productivity in ways you couldn't imagine and can become quite a pleas...Learn More
  6. Checking Vulnerabilities in Your Python Code with Bandit

    Introduction As developers, we're encouraged from the start of the journey to write clean code. Equally as important, but less talked about is writing and using secure code. In Python projects, we typically ins...Learn More
  7. Spring Security: In-Memory Invalidation of JWT Tokens During User Logout

    Introduction As technology evolves and becomes more prevalent - including the evolution of large-scale service-oriented architectures, managing web security becomes more and more complex. There are many more ed...Learn More
    JavaSecuritySpringSpring Bootspring securityjwt
  8. How to Use the Rsync Command in Unix

    Introduction The digital revolution has changed our lives in many ways. Nowadays, our picture albums, music collections, bookshelves etc. are all digital - binaries written on a disk. Our life and work are shar...Learn More
  9. Linux: Display File Properties via Terminal

    Introduction We commonly need and want to know more about the files and directories that we are working with. Most people know one of the ways, which is simply to Right Click > Properties on the wanted folder o...Learn More
  10. Guide to Understanding chmod

    Guide to Understanding chmod Introduction File access permissions and security are at the heart of *nix-based operating systems. File objects can belong to users and/or groups, and at times they need to be shar...Learn More
  11. Course Review: Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

    **Course Review: Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp** Before we get started it would be helpful to know what data science and machine learning actually are. So in case you don't know, here ar...Learn More
    PythonMachine LearningReviewudemy
  12. Course Review: The Complete React Native and Redux Course

    **Course Review: The Complete React Native and Redux Course** Have you wanted to learn React Native for a while and been wondering what online course or tutorial to take? Have you been working with JavaScript, ...Learn More
    JavaScriptReviewReactudemyreact native