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  1. Example: Apache Camel with Blueprint

    Example: Apache Camel with Blueprint Here we present a fully-working Apache Camel Blueprint project. It provides example code for building routes, creating beans, and deploying to ServiceMix with Blueprint. Blu...Learn More
  2. flask Blueprint file structure

    I have some troubles about flask Blueprint Structure of my project: hw ...run.py ...sigcontoj ......__init__.py ......admin .........__init__.py .........views.py .........models.py ......frontend .........__in...Learn More
  3. Flask blueprint how to debug routing

    I've got a flask application that exposes an api. When I hit this api from browser http://admin.phones.dev/api/v2.0/manufacturers I'm getting status 200 and response as expected. request object: { 'view_arg...Learn More
  4. what's the correct way to find out flask's endpoint by function name?

    I have a flask demo, and it needs access control. My access control is base on function name, and I wrote a decorator to do it. The decorator define is: def permission(fn): @wraps(fn) def wraped(*args, ...Learn More
  5. Flask Blueprint Initialization - Initializing some global variables

    I'm new to Flask and I'm about to write a larger application. So far I'v divided functionality into blueprints. Now I want to be able to set some global variable from within a blueprint during initialization of...Learn More
  6. Flask blueprint cannot read sqlite3 DATABASES from config file

    I would like Python Flask to read from configuration file the location of the sqlite3 database name without explicitly writing database name. Templates used are: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/0.11/patterns/sqlit...Learn More
  7. Configure SQL datasource through properties in Camel Blueprint (within Karaf)

    Given a very simple Camel bundle for Karaf, generated with the camel-archetype-blueprint, I want to add a datasource that is configured via properties and not within the blueprint.xml. I tried configuring a Pro...Learn More