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  1. How to Make Simple Browser in Android

    How to Make Simple Browser in Android In this tutorial I will guide you to make simple web browser in android. Android provides an awesome UI widget known as WebView. It is used to load web pages and view HTML ...Learn More
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  2. Storing Data in the Browser with LocalStorage

    Storing Data in the Browser with LocalStorage Introduction In the early days of the web, data persistence was only possible with a server. Nowadays, through the use of LocalStorage, we can store data on clients...Learn More
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  3. Using fetch to Send HTTP Requests in JavaScript

    Using fetch to Send HTTP Requests in JavaScript Introduction JavaScript's Fetch API allows us to send HTTP requests. It's been a standard part of JavaScript since ECMAScript 2015 (commonly known as ES6) was int...Learn More
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  4. Web Browser Automation with Selenium and Java

    Web Browser Automation with Selenium and Java Introduction Several tools can drive the web browser the way a real user would do like navigating to different pages, interacting with the elements of the page and ...Learn More
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  5. Redirects in React Router

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction If you're a developer working on any modern web application, you're probably aware of how important it is to properly set up routing. When you browse throug...Learn More
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  6. Web in a desktop application: Good web browser controls?

    I've been utlising a "web browser control" in desktop based applications (in my case Windows Forms .NET) for a number of years. I mostly use it to create a familiar flow-based user interface that also allows a...Learn More
  7. Browser back button - does it delete session data?

    Does hitting the back button in a web browser cause the session data set in the preceding call to be deleted? ...Learn More
  8. How to have favicon / icon set when bookmarklet dragged to toolbar?

    I've made myself a bookmarklet, and it functions just fine, but when added to a toolbar in Opera or Firefox, it just takes on the default bookmark icon for the browser (a globe and a star, respectively). My si...Learn More
  9. VB/VBA: Fetch HTML string from clipboard (copied via web browser)

    It seems that when you copy something from a web browser to the clipboard, at least 2 things are stored: Plain text HTML source code Then it is up to the software that you are pasting into can determine wh...Learn More
  10. What is the mechanism that keeps various sections on page from being repositioned when browser resizes

    In this web site when you shrink the browser window the white space on the left and right disappear first, following by the shrinking of the right panel, followed by the main container panel. I have recently st...Learn More
  11. Can the parent window be notified when a child window closes? (on a diff domain)

    Can the parent window be notified when a child window closes? (on a different domain?) Trying to get around the window.opener not working when on different domains. Can I at least be notified somehow when the...Learn More
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  12. Can you embed python scripts into the web browser?

    I'm trying to see how I can get a python script to run in the web browser. Does anyone know if this is possible or would I need to make a plugin? I'm looking for something that would work like: <embed ty...Learn More
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