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  1. How to display a dynamically allocated array in the Visual Studio debugger?

    If you have a statically allocated array, the Visual Studio debugger can easily display all of the array elements. However, if you have an array allocated dynamically and pointed to by a pointer, it will only ...Learn More
  2. Does several levels of base classes slow down a class/struct in c++?

    Does having several levels of base classes slow down a class? A derives B derives C derives D derives F derives G, ... Does multiple inheritance slow down a class? ...Learn More
  3. Changing a CORBA interface without recompiling

    I'd like to add a method to my existing server's CORBA interface. Will that require recompiling all clients? I'm using TAO. ...Learn More
  4. Python embedded in CPP: how to get data back to CPP

    While working on a C++ project, I was looking for a third party library for something that is not my core business. I found a really good library, doing exactly what's needed, but it is written in Python. I dec...Learn More
  5. Portable way to catch signals and report problem to the user

    If by some miracle a segfault occurs in our program, I want to catch the SIGSEGV and let the user (possibly a GUI client) know with a single return code that a serious problem has occurred. At the same time I ...Learn More
  6. How to get your own (local) IP-Address from an udp-socket (C/C++)

    You have multiple network adapters. Bind a UDP socket to an local port, without specifying an address. Receive packets on one of the adapters. How do you get the local ip address of the adapter which received...Learn More
  7. C++ does begin/end/rbegin/rend execute in constant time for std::set, std::map, etc?

    For data types such as std::set and std::map where lookup occurs in logarithmic time, is the implementation required to maintain the begin and end iterators? Does accessing begin and end imply a lookup that cou...Learn More
  8. How to set up unit testing for Visual Studio C++

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the testing framework set up and usable in Visual Studio 2008 for C++ presumably with the built-in unit testing suite. Any links or tutorials would be appreciated. ...Learn More
  9. How to wrap a function with variable length arguments?

    I am looking to do this in C/C++. I came across Variable Length Arguments but this suggests a solution with Python & C using libffi. Now, if I want to wrap printf function with myprintf What I do is like be...Learn More
  10. Should I use nested classes in this case?

    I am working on a collection of classes used for video playback and recording. I have one main class which acts like the public interface, with methods like play(), stop(), pause(), record() etc... Then I have ...Learn More
  11. How do you create a debug only function that takes a variable argument list? Like printf()

    I'd like to make a debug logging function with the same parameters as printf. But one that can be removed by the pre-processor during optimized builds. For example: Debug_Print("Warning: value %d > 3!\n...Learn More
  12. Deciphering C++ template error messages

    I'm really beginning to understand what people mean when they say that C++'s error messages are pretty terrible in regards to templates. I've seen horrendously long errors for things as simple as a function no...Learn More