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  1. PVS-Studio – Static Code Analyzer for C, C++, C# and Java

    **PVS-Studio – Static Code Analyzer for C, C++, C# and Java** What’s the one most required thing while writing a C or C++ or for that matter any other computer program? Yes it’s the compiler, how else your mach...Learn More
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  2. C# Local Database – How to Connect and Use Local Database (Sql Server)

    **C# Local Database – How to Connect and Use Local Database (Sql Server)** A local database is very essential for developing small scale C# applications, because it doesn’t requires a server to store the dat...Learn More
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  3. C# Analog Clock Program

    C# Analog Clock Program In this tutorial we are going to use a bit of graphics class to design a C# analog clock. We have also used a timer to continuously move our clock’s pointer.        ...Learn More
  4. How to pass a single object[] to a params object[]

    I have a method which takes params object[] such as: void Foo(params object[] items) { Console.WriteLine(items[0]); } When I pass two object arrays to this method, it works fine: Foo(new object[]{ (object)...Learn More
  5. Caching Active Directory Data

    In one of my applications, I am querying active directory to get a list of all users below a given user (using the "Direct Reports" thing). So basically, given the name of the person, it is looked up in AD, the...Learn More
  6. What do ref, val and out mean on method parameters?

    I'm looking for a clear, concise and accurate answer. Ideally as the actual answer, although links to good explanations welcome. This also applies to VB.Net, but the keywords are different - ByRef and ByVal...Learn More
  7. How do I group in memory lists?

    I have a list of Foo. Foo has properties Bar and Lum. Some Foos have identical values for Bar. How can I use lambda/linq to group my Foos by Bar so I can iterate over each grouping's Lums? ...Learn More
  8. When do you use the "this" keyword?

    I was curious about how other people use the this keyword. I tend to use it in constructors, but I may also use it throughout the class in other methods. Some examples: In a constructor: public Light(Vector v) ...Learn More
  9. Animation Extender Problems

    I have just started working with the AnimationExtender. I am using it to show a new div with a list gathered from a database when a button is pressed. The problem is the button needs to do a postback to get t...Learn More
  10. sizeof() equivalent for reference types?

    I'm looking for a way to get the size of an instance of a reference type. sizeof is only for value types. Is this possible? ...Learn More
  11. Tool recommendation for converting VB to C#

    We have a project with over 500,000 lines of VB.NET that we need to convert to C#. Any recommendations, based on experience, for tools to use? We are using Visual Studio 2008 and we're targeting 3.5 . ...Learn More
  12. How can I take a byte array of a TIFF image and turn it into a System.Drawing.Image object?

    I have a byte[] array, the contents of which represent a TIFF file (as in, if I write out these bytes directly to a file using the BinaryWriter object, it forms a perfectly valid TIFF file) and I'm trying to tu...Learn More