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  1. Asynchronous Tasks in Django with Redis and Celery

    Asynchronous Tasks in Django with Redis and Celery Introduction In this tutorial I will be providing a general understanding of why celery message queue's are valuable along with how to utilize celery in conjun...Learn More
  2. Asynchronous Tasks Using Flask, Redis, and Celery

    Asynchronous Tasks Using Flask, Redis, and Celery Introduction As web applications evolve and their usage increases, the use-cases also diversify. We are now building and using websites for more complex tasks t...Learn More
  3. Can't get Celery run_every property to work

    I'm trying to create some Celery Periodic Tasks, and a few of them need to have the ability to change the run_every time at runtime. The Celery documentation says I should be able to do this by turning the run...Learn More
  4. Is this __import__ functionality correct?

    I have a package named jiva_tasks, which I'm trying to import via celery (using the CELERY_IMPORTS attribute of celeryconfig. The import statement that celery is using is this: __import__(module, [], [], [''])...Learn More
  5. Is it possible to use celery for synchronous tasks?

    Nearly synchronous works, too; basically, I want to delegate the data access and processing behind a web app to a task queue for most jobs. What's the fastest latency that I can consider reasonable for celery t...Learn More
  6. How can I make a dashboard with all pending tasks using Celery?

    I want to have some place where I can watch all the pendings tasks. I'm not talking about the registered functions/classes as tasks, but the actual scheduled jobs for which I could display: name, task_id, eta, ...Learn More
  7. How to layout a queue/worker structure to support large tasks for multiple environments?

    For a Python/Django/Celery based deployment tool, we have the following setup: We currently use the default Celery setup. (One queue+exchange called "celery".) Each Task on the queue represents a deployment o...Learn More
  8. Why do I have to put the project name when importing tasks when using Django with Celery?

    I just installed and configured Celery with RabbitMQ for a Django project and I was having an issue running tasks when I imported them like so: from someapp.tasks import SomeTask It worked when I added the pro...Learn More
  9. Celery - Get task id for current task

    How can I get the task_id value for a task from within the task? Here's my code: from celery.decorators import task from django.core.cache import cache @task def do_job(path): "Performs an operation on a f...Learn More
  10. Celery tasks vanishing - Django/Celery

    here is my code: my task from celery.decorators import task @task() def add(x, y): return x + y using my tasks from core.tasks import add results = [] for i in range(100): results.append(add.delay(i...Learn More
  11. A Beginner's Guide to Connect Celery With MongoDB

    Project Directory Structure ---Blogs |---Blogs |---__init__.py |---settings.py |---urls.py |---celery.py |---UserRegistration |---tasks.py |---utils.py |---BlogTasks |---tasks.py |---urls.py |---vi...Learn More
  12. Django Celery implementation - OSError : [Errno 38] Function not implemented

    I installed django-celery and I tried to start up the worker server but I get an OSError that a function isn't implemented. I'm running CentOS release 5.4 (Final) on a VPS: . broker -> amqp://guest@...Learn More