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  1. Python CGI Programming

    Python CGI Programming Python Programming language is broadly used by developers to create standalone, desktop, enterprise and web applications these days. Here in this article, I’m going to cover trending CGI ...Learn More
  2. Python cgi and stdin

    I'm using pycurl to upload a file via put and python cgi script to receive the file on the server side. Essentially, the code on the server side is: while True: next = sys.stdin.read(4096) if not next: ...Learn More
  3. Deploying a python CGI app

    I have developed a python CGI application which works just fine on my development box. My hosting provider however gives me little control of its server: I use a lot of custom stuff in my python environment (li...Learn More
  4. Cgi not executing python

    I'm having a problem getting CGI to work for Python. I've added Options ExecCGI AddHandler cgi-script cgi py pl inside /etc/apache2/sites-available/default within and now Perl works, but Python gives out a 50...Learn More
  5. microcrontroller output to python cgi script

    I bought this temperature sensor logger kit: http://quozl.netrek.org/ts/. It works great with the supplied C code, I like to use python because of its simplicity, so I wrote a script in python that displays the...Learn More
  6. Which C++ Library for CGI Programming?

    I'm looking at doing some work (for fun) in a compiled language to run some simple tests and benchmarks against php. Basically I'd like to see what other people use for C++ CGI programming. (Including backend ...Learn More
  7. python json unicode - how do I eval using javascript

    Really spent a lot of time searching for this. Please need some help. I am trying to add multilingual feature to my web app framework. For this I am unable to send non ascii characters as JSON. Here is what I ...Learn More
  8. Pros and Cons of different approaches to web programming in Python

    I'd like to do some server-side scripting using Python. But I'm kind of lost with the number of ways to do that. It starts with the do-it-yourself CGI approach and it seems to end with some pretty robust frame...Learn More
  9. Python Cookies question

    import cgitb import Cookie, urllib2 from cookielib import FileCookieJar cgitb.enable() c = Cookie.SmartCookie() c['ini'] = 1 savedc = FileCookieJar() savedc.add_cookie_header(c.output()) savedc.save() shoulden...Learn More
  10. IP address of domain on shared host

    I have domain on a shared hosting provider. How do I find the direct IP address of my domain using Python? Is it possible to post to a script on my domain using the IP address and not the website itself? Than...Learn More
  11. Privilege Escalation in Web Environment for File Access

    I have a situation where I would like to elevate the permissions I have in a web environment so that I can access a serial device. The specific case is where I have a web interface for configuring a modem that...Learn More
  12. Is there a good way to call a CGI script from a PHP script?

    I saw that there is a virtual() function in PHP that will call a CGI script, but is that the best way? Can I pass any parameters to that scripts as well? I saw some examples using file_get_contents() or inclu...Learn More