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  1. Android Real Time Chat Application Using Firebase Tutorial

    Android Real Time Chat Application Using Firebase Tutorial In this tutorial you will learn to build an android real time chat application using firebase database. Before reading this tutorial I hope you are alr...Learn More
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  2. Get to Know Real-Time Messaging for Chat and More

    An often-overlooked and perhaps under-appreciated feature, sending and receiving text-based messages is a critical piece of many WebRTC-based applications. Audio and video tend to steal the limelight, but the a...Learn More
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  3. A message queue model in Erlang(Comet chat)?

    I am doing Comet chat with Erlang. I only use one connection (long-polling) for the message transportation. But, as you know, the long-polling connection can not be stay connected all the time. Every time a new...Learn More
  4. Chat Application in ASP.NET

    I've to write an Ajax chat web application in ASP.NET for a friend, and I've a question: if client1 sends a message to client2, how should the application send the message to client2? Is there a better way than...Learn More
  5. XMPPPY have function to manage invitation in client side?

    I'm coding by python about Gtalk I use XMPPPY. But I can chat with GTalk client but the problem is I can't accept invitation. Is XMPPY can do ?...Learn More
  6. Greg seems delighted with the speed of our agreement. He wishes to clarify the terms of the contract.

    Greg seems delighted with the speed of our agreement. He wishes to clarify the terms of the contract. Carla Wise Mar 21, 2019·8 min read - Why wait any longer? Here we are, taking this opportunity and getting ...Learn More
  7. Python - Regular Expression Wildcards from Socket data?

    I have a question regarding regular expressions in Python. The expressions are composed of data that would be read from a server, connected via socket. I'm trying to use and read wildcards in these expressions....Learn More
  8. Introducing Jel: the video game for work

    Jel is now live. Come try it, or read on to learn more. Earlier this year, I left my team at Mozilla to start something new. Five months later, I’m excited to share the news that Jel is now live for people to ...Learn More
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  9. Instant Messaging And Chat App Blueprint

    Keep in touch with friends, coworkers, shared interest groups, customers, or whoever you want with the free chat app blueprint from Backendless. Chatly is an App Blueprint that utilizes our pub/sub messaging f...Learn More
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  10. Python chat client-server modification goes horribly wrong

    As an exercise, I looked for a simple Python chat client-server system to modify and toy with. The first major failing I found in the system was that it used a single tcp connection for the server and client to...Learn More
  11. Know Yourself More from Your WhatsApp Chat History

    If we see carefully, in terms of the number of lines, party B replies with more line that party A. This might lead to a conclusion that Party A tends to sum up the reply in a whole line, while party B tends to ...Learn More
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  12. How can I write a real time chat using XAJAX and PHP?

    How can I write a real time chat using XAJAX and PHP? In other words, is there a way to send xajax responses from the server to multiple clients? Or is the only possibility to check for new messages every few ...Learn More