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  1. How to Tunnel HTTP with SSH

    How to Tunnel HTTP with SSH Tunneling your traffic is the process of sending data, like HTTP, over a different protocol. In this case, we'll show you how to send your browser traffic over the SSH protocol. So w...Learn More
  2. Google Will Start Flagging Non-Secure Websites

    Starting in September, websites that aren’t secure will start being flagged in Google’s Chrome browser. If your website starts with HTTP that means visitors will see something like this when they go to your sit...Learn More
  3. Gitcoin Now Easily Integrates w. Github - Chrome Extension Enters Beta

    When we launched Gitcoin in September 2017, we knew that there were a few design considerations that were very important to realize our mission to Push Open Source Forward. We wanted to launch Gitcoin with som...Learn More
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  4. Cross-Site Cookies Will Now Be Rejected on localhost Because of SameSite=None; Secure in Chrome 80

    Cross-Site Cookies Will Now Be Rejected on localhost Because of SameSite=None; Secure in Chrome 80 If you’re looking to building a project in which you would be serving cross-site cookies, here’s what you need...Learn More
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  5. Is your web app accessible for color blind people? Here’s one way to find out

    Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev from Pexels One feedback received from a user on our website made us realize that we have slipped in considering a specific condition: color blind people. So the question we had ...Learn More
  6. Here’s How One Can Hide or Show the Home Button in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

    These days, most modern web browsers include a lot of great functionalities that anyone can easily access. All the features in any browser work to provide you with the fast and best web surfing experience. And ...Learn More
  7. Chrome as a service for Rails testing

    Meanwhile working on next part of Ruby C extension series I have faced different problem. Since it is more and more painful to install awesome capybara-webkit I have started to look around for some reasonable ...Learn More