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  1. Client-Side Form Validation Using Vanilla JavaScript

    Introduction Most web applications nowadays will require you to fill out a form at some point, be it an online banking application or a music streaming service. And because end users are never to be trusted, we...Learn More
  2. ASP.NET MVC 2: Dynamically enabling/disabling client side validation

    Using MicrosoftMvcValidation.js for client side validation, is there an easy way of programatically (in javascript) turning the validation off and on for particular fields? Is it possible for example to use jq...Learn More
  3. Given an object and a Class<?>, can I tell whether the object is of sub-type of that class? (GWT, client-side)

    Class&lt;?&gt; baseClass = ... Object obj = ... Is there a way in GWT to check whether obj's type implements/extends baseClass? (that's client-side code)....Learn More
  4. Client-Server Pair: Ephemeral Port

    I'm coding a client server pair in java and I would like the ports to be assigned at runtime by the system. From the server's side this can be easily done through APIs but how does the client know which port th...Learn More
  5. Check if user can access an external resource cross-domain

    I need to check if a newly registered domain has fully registered/propagated from the users browser, so I can assure they have access to it. I have full control over the site and need to check if something as ...Learn More
  6. How can I send an auto-generated email every x-days with php mail(), without access to cron?

    I am trying to send an email, via php's mail function to user's every 15 days to remind them of a particular item (no worries, nothing spam related). I unfortunately do not have access to cron, so I think I wo...Learn More
  7. How to know javascript is enabled in client side?

    I am developing a web application such a way that my codes dynamically generating JavaScript functions using php. If JavaScript is disabled in my client side, my application will not work properly. So I should ...Learn More
  8. I need to persist data on the client side (about 1MB)

    I need to persist my data on the client side, without it moving back and forth in each request (Kills the cookies option). I can't use special plugins/extensions. One thought I had was to generate a dynamic JS...Learn More
  9. Is it worth hashing passwords on the client side

    When I want to put a login system in place, I always compare the MD5 of the given password with its value in the users table on the server side. However, a friend of mine told me that a "clear" password could ...Learn More
  10. open locale file inside browser

    I would like to create a html page to open different file types (avi, xls, ppt, ods, pdf, etc.) that reside on the local PC. I found several posts about it and did some tests, using the <object> and <e...Learn More
  11. document.getElementById not working

    I have 2 chekboxes on a page. There are wrapped in a table cell each within their own row. Doing a document.getElementById('chk1_FEAS~1005') returns the element but document.getElementById('chk5_STG2~1005') is ...Learn More
  12. Checking a list of domain names to see if they've expired using client-side code

    I have a list of domain names. I can get this list in multiple formats, such as XML, HTML, CSV etc. I want to be able to use client-side code to check if the domain names in the list have expired. Does anyone...Learn More