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  1. Cloud Computing – Overview, Types, Benefits and Future Scope

    **Cloud Computing – Overview, Types, Benefits and Future Scope** Cloud Computing is a type of online on-demand service that includes resources like computer system software, databases, storage, applications, an...Learn More
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  2. Top 3 Cloud Service Platforms 2021 (alternate AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure)

    1. Vultr Vultr is an American based cloud computing platform with 15 data centers strategically placed around the globe. Vultr claims 100% Node Host and Network Uptime (Service Level Agreement) offering Outage...Learn More
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  3. AWS — Deploying Vue App With NodeJS Backend On EKS

    AWS — Deploying Vue App With NodeJS Backend On EKS A step by step guide with an example project AWS provides more than 100 services and it’s very important to know which service you should select for your nee...Learn More
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  4. Serverless at Comic Relief

    We built APIs on top of various databases, simplified our contact service, built a step counter service for UK schools participating in our billion steps challenge for Sport Relief, run a UK schools lookup serv...Learn More
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  5. An intro to Cloud Computing for Data Scientists and Data Engineers

    An intro to Cloud Computing for Data Scientists and Data Engineers Nishant Shah Follow Nov 21 · 7 min read There has been a lot of debate about what the cloud is. Many people think of the cloud as a collection...Learn More
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  6. How to Get Cloud Certified????

    Over the past few years, the cloud computing industry has generated a lot of interest and investment. Cloud computing has become an integral part of the IT infrastructure for many companies worldwide. Industry ...Learn More
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  7. How Netlify migrated to a fully multi-cloud infrastructure

    Netlify’s platform team is responsible for building and scaling the systems designed to keep Netlify, and the hundreds of thousands of sites that use it, up and running. We take that responsibility seriously, s...Learn More
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  8. Is It Game Over for the x86 ISA and Intel?

    Now ironically the PC itself and Intel have become the new RISC workstations. They may hold the performance crown for now. However smart phones, tablets and all sorts of other embedded devices is where the vol...Learn More
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  9. Well Architect Framework — Performance Efficiency on the Cloud

    Scaling Up or Scaling Out The architecture’s deployment should consider the right tools and technology which can support to handle the unpredictable load on the application. It encompasses either Scale-up or S...Learn More
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  10. Kazutoshi Ono: Japan Inc. in the Cloud Era

    Part I: Enterprise Cloud Trends to Date How would you describe the progression of enterprise cloud usage in Japan thus far? Until last year (2016), the general view among executives seemed to be that cloud wa...Learn More
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  11. 6 Best AWS Developer Associate (DVA-C001) Certification Practice Test, Mock Exams and Dumps

    6 Best AWS Developer Associate (DVA-C001) Certification Practice Test, Mock Exams and Dumps 1600+ practice questions and dumps to prepare for AWS Developer Associate certification in 2021. image_credit — udem...Learn More
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  12. 7 Key Data Integration Trends to Watch out in 2020

    Businesses around the world are advocating for connected customer experiences, which is one of the key objectives of Digital Transformation (DX). Integration plays a vital role in an enterprise’s digital transf...Learn More
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