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  1. Top Reasons Your Business Needs a Content Management System (CMS)

    **Top Reasons Your Business Needs a Content Management System (CMS)** The use of a content management system – CMS – for powering your site is one of the best investments you can make for your digital presence ...Learn More
  2. Top Reasons to Use Content Management Systems

    **Top Reasons to Use Content Management Systems** Planning to build your website from scratch? Do you wish to revamp your existing website within a stipulated time and budget? Small businesses already hav...Learn More
  3. 6 tips for managing an effective CMS

    1. Avoid the Failure to Assess Needs It’s easy to rush into selecting a CMS based on all the excellent features you hear of, without first considering if the features fit your business and website needs. When ...Learn More
  4. No More Website Rescues, Please

    No one wants to be the person who invested hundreds of thousands of their company’s dollars into a new website, app or digital asset, and then have it fail to do what it was built to do. Even fewer people want...Learn More
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  5. Beginners Guide to TYPO3 CMS, Community and Resources

    Are you a TYPO3 beginner and interested to explore TYPO3 CMS? Congratulations and, Welcome to TYPO3 universe — One of the world’s most powerful OpenSource CMS and Community. Generally, the developers are not s...Learn More
  6. JAMstack with Gatsby, Netlify and Netlify CMS

    A bit of background What is JAMstack? JAM stands for Javascript API & Markup. The term JAMstack was popularised by Mathias Biilmann (CEO & Co-founder of Netlify) to describe “a modern web development architec...Learn More
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  7. Create a CMS with Angular + Firebase — Part 1

    So how do we start? We’re using firebase — so we need to go over to google’s firebase and create an account. Go ahead; I’m waiting. Ok, waiting’s done!. Go over to the firebase console. now do the following: ...Learn More
  8. Is your WordPress backup done properly?

    Toy Story 2 is a masterpiece of a film that put Pixar on the map as a contender to Disney. It had big box office numbers and families around the world loved the film. It leads to the growth of Pixar and eventua...Learn More
  9. 運用 google sheet 製作簡易的 CMS

    前些日子 野薑 接了一個 case,因為經費和客戶人員限制,因此討論後決定用 wordpress + google sheet 以前寫程式時,很排斥 wordpress 覺得這都是個速成的東西,讓專業變成不專業 但實際研究過後,發現真的是很速成得很完整的東西呢!!許多線上 server 的平台都有提供一鍵完成,只要付平台費就可以獲得一個有前台跟後台的網站,某方面來說真的讓專案開發時程可以大幅縮短 拉回正題,因為...Learn More
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  10. How to Network with Tumblr Followers

    Have you heard of Tumblr? Do you network with Tumblr followers? You can use Tumblr to generate blog traffic as well as market your website content, products, and services. Also, since Tumblr is an online com...Learn More
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