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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Configuring NPM

    The Ultimate Guide to Configuring NPM Introduction Setting Parameters List of Possible Parameters Access Control/Authorization Caching General Development Networking Registry Conclusion Introduction The No...Learn More
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  2. How to Configure Network Settings in Java

    How to Configure Network Settings in Java Proxies Setting the proxy server and port: System.setProperty("http.proxyHost", "proxy.example.com"); System.setProperty("http.proxyPort", "80"); For an HTTPS proxy, ...Learn More
    JavaconfigurenetworkProgramming Languages
  3. Using Autoconf to find variably named libraries

    I am writing my first project that will use autoconf and teaching it to myself as I go. For the most part, things are going extremely well. I have one last significant hurdle. I am having trouble locating libra...Learn More
  4. Check result of AX_PYTHON_MODULE in configure.ac

    In using the m4_ax_python_module.m4 macro in configure.ac (AX_PYTHON_MODULE), one can know at configure time if a given module is installed. It takes two arguments, the module name, and second argument which if...Learn More
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  5. How do I stop Python install on Mac OS X from putting things in my home directory?

    I'm trying to install Python from source on my Mac. (OS X 10.6.2, Python-2.6.5.tar.bz2) I've done this before and it was easy, but for some reason, this time after ./configure, and make, the sudo make install...Learn More
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  6. Python/Tkinter root window background configuration

    I'm trying to create a root window with a black background to blend with my button backgrounds. I have the following: class Application(Frame): def __init__(self, parent): Frame.__init__(self, paren...Learn More
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  7. Reconfiguring python

    I installed Python-2.7.3 with configure --enable-shared, make and install. It so happens that now, I need to reconfigure to include the --with-pydebug option. While running configure again, do I need to includ...Learn More
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  8. where to point compile flags?

    i am trying to compile autogen on RHEL, and i'm running into some trouble. fair warning, i don't know a whole lot about what i am doing here. when i run ./configure from the command line, i eventually get the e...Learn More
  9. Excluding a library from linking (make, configure)

    Let's say I have a library in /usr/lib or in /usr/local/lib and make and configure are able to locate it and behave accordingly. Now, let's say I have another version of such library, and I'm not willing to ins...Learn More
  10. PJSUA/PJSIP - Unable to increase support to 32 accounts/transports/calls

    I've tried various attempts using config_site.h during build, and had little to no improvement... Still stuck at 8 accounts. Code is: import pjsua lib = pjsua.Lib() lib.init() lib.start() transport = lib.crea...Learn More
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  11. What does "--enable-shared" mean during Ruby compilation?

    RVM uses this flag for ./configure. It means "build a shared library for Ruby", but where can I get more information about actually happens when you use this compilation flag? ...Learn More