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  1. How to Print Colored Text in Python

    How to Print Colored Text in Python Introduction It's typical for CLI apps to return text in the same color of the terminal. There are always cases when we want to highlight output to the user, for example, a w...Learn More
  2. How to pass arguments when debugging a dot net application

    I have an command line that uses arguments, I have no problem with this, but each time I want to test the application, I need to compile it, run the CMD, call the application with the parameters from the CMD, b...Learn More
  3. tail -f in a webbrowser

    I've created a Python script that monitors a logfile for changes (like tail -f) and displays it on a console. I would like to access the output of the Python script in a webbrowser. What would I need to create ...Learn More
  4. Text Progress Bar in the Console

    Is there a good way to do the following? I wrote a simple console app to upload and download files from an FTP server using the ftplib. Each time some data chunks are downloaded, I want to update a text progr...Learn More
  5. Executing a command programatically in Eclipse console

    From my Eclipse plugin, I want to execute a command and show the results in the Console view (and later do some formatting and hyperlinking and pattern matching, which is done via the org.eclipse.ui.console.con...Learn More
  6. How to get console window width in python

    Is there a way in python to programmatically determine the width of the console? I mean the number of characters that fits in one line without wrapping, not the pixel width of the window. Edit Looking for a s...Learn More
  7. keep open windows console after a python syntax error

    File associations on my machine (winxp home) are such that a python script is directly opened with the python interpreter. If I double click on a python script a console window runs and every thing is fine - as...Learn More
  8. Polling the keyboard (detect a keypress) in python

    How can I poll the keyboard from a console python app? Specifically, I would like to do something akin to this in the midst of a lot of other I/O activities (socket selects, serial port access, etc.): while...Learn More
  9. Prevent new line when outputting to console

    I've set the buffer size to the window size to get rid of the scroll bar. Now, I'm trying to fill the console with a value, but there is always a new blank line added to the end, which causes the first line to ...Learn More
  10. Having a console in a single-threaded Python script

    I would like to have an interactive console in a single-threaded script that has several TCP connections open. This means I can't just have a standard input blocking the thread. Is there an easy way to do this...Learn More
  11. How do I call controller/view methods from the console in Rails?

    When I load script/console, some times I want play with the output of a controller or a view helper method. Are there ways to: simulate a request? call methods from a controller instance on said request? tes...Learn More
  12. Console based progress in Java

    Is there are easy way to implement a rolling percentage for a process in Java, to be displayed in the console? I have a percentage data type (double) I generated during a particular process, but can I force it ...Learn More