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  1. Difference Between Constructor and Destructor

    **Difference Between Constructor and Destructor** Constructor and Destructor are the special methods which makes our crucial tasks easier while programming. If you have ever worked in programming language like ...Learn More
  2. Default parameters with C++ constructors

    Is it good practice to have a class constructor that uses default parameters, or should I use separate overloaded constructors? For example: // Use this... class foo { private: std::string name_; uns...Learn More
  3. How do you call a constructor for global objects, for arrays of objects, and for objects inside classes/structs?

    How would you call the constructor of the following class in these three situations: Global objects, arrays of objects, and objects contained in another class/struct? The class with the constructor (used in all...Learn More
  4. Error when using a Python constructor

    class fileDetails : def __init__(self,host,usr,pwd,database): self.host=host self.usr.usr self.pwd=pwd self.database=database def __init__(self,connection,sql,path): ...Learn More
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  5. What is a basic example of single inheritance using the super() keyword in Python?

    Let's say I have the following classes set up: class Foo: def __init__(self, frob, frotz): self.frobnicate = frob self.frotz = frotz class Bar: def __init__(self, frob, frizzle): ...Learn More
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  6. dojo: inheritance with default value - the mixin doesn't happen

    I wish to declare a new dojo class inheriting from an existing dojo class, but with my own choice of default values for the class's properties. (The user can still override those values.) I am declaring my own...Learn More
  7. Constructor arguments problem ActionScript 3

    I have a custom class defined in Actionscript and I want to make an instance of it in the main document of Flash application. However, after calling the constructor with one argument, Flash gives me this error:...Learn More
  8. DataContractSerializer doesn't call my constructor?

    I just realized something crazy, which I assumed to be completely impossible : when deserializing an object, the DataContractSerializer doesn't call the constructor ! Take this class, for instance : [DataContra...Learn More
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  9. Calling methods in super class constructor or subclass constructor?

    1. Passing configuration to the __init__ method which calls register implicitely: class Base: def __init__(self, *verbs): if not verbs: verbs = "get", "post" self._register(verbs)...Learn More
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  10. DAL Design/Load methods with NHibernate

    public MyClass(int someUniqueID) { using(//Session logic) { var databaseVersionOfMyClass = session.CreateCriteria(/*criteria*/) .UniqueResult<MyClass>(); //Load logic ...Learn More
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  11. How to make the class constructor private in Ruby?

    class A private def initialize puts "wtf?" end end A.new #still works and calls initialize and class A private def self.new super.new end end doesn't work altogether So what's the correct way...Learn More
  12. Who deletes the memory allocated during a "new" operation which has exception in constructor?

    I really can't believe I couldn't find a clear answer to this... How do you free the memory allocated after a C++ class constructor throws an exception, in the case where it's initialised using the new operator...Learn More