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  1. Follow Redirects in cURL

    Follow Redirects in cURL The cURL utility is a command line program often bundled with Unix/Linux distributions and Mac OSX operating systems. It allows you to send just about any type of HTTP request via the c...Learn More
  2. Using cURL in Python with PycURL

    Using cURL in Python with PycURL Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use PycURL, which is an interface to the cURL library in Python. cURL is a tool used for transferring data to and fro...Learn More
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  3. REST API Using AWS API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB

    Objective Our objective is to create a simple REST API using Amazon API gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB. Here, user will make calls to the API end-point, which will be received by API gateway. Then, API gateway f...Learn More
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  4. How to install php curl ?

    [sourcecode language=”bash”] First, check if there is enabled curl. $ php info | grep -i curl If no result then install the php curl library $ sudo apt-get install php5-curl Once its installed restart the serve...Learn More
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  5. cURL equivalent in JAVA

    I am tasked with writing an authentication component for an open source JAVA app. We have an in-house authentication widget that uses https. I have some example php code that accesses the widget which uses cU...Learn More
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  6. How to read the header with pycurl

    How do I read the response headers returned from a PyCurl request?...Learn More
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  7. file upload status information

    Im making a small python script to upload files on the net. The script is working correctly, and now I want to add a simple progress bar that indicates the amount of uploading left. my question is -how do I get...Learn More
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  8. How to manage a simple PHP session using C++ cURL (libcurl)

    I'm writing a C++ client which is using libcurl for communicating with a PHP script. The communication should be session based, and thus the first task is to login and make the PHP script set up a session. I'm ...Learn More
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  9. Downloading a Large Number of Files from S3

    What's the Fastest way to get a large number of files (relatively small 10-50kB) from Amazon S3 from Python? (In the order of 200,000 - million files). At the moment I am using boto to generate Signed URLs, a...Learn More
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  10. CURL usages in PHP

    I had a doubt in CURL (PHP) . I want to login directly into a site using CURL. Is it possible, if possible please guide me. I tried with the following but its not working http://username:password@myurl ...Learn More
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  11. GUI frontend for cURL for testing an API

    I'm (manually) testing a RESTful API that makes full use of GET/POST/PUT/DELETE methods. Rather than using cURL on the command line to quickly test different input options, it would be handy if there were a win...Learn More
  12. webrick server / ie6 truncating javascript files in development mode

    I'm using webrick to run my rails app in development mode. The page includes 4-5 javascript files, which are also being served by the same webrick instance. When I load the page on ie6, it appears the javascri...Learn More
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