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  1. Debugging Python Applications with the PDB Module

    Debugging Python Applications with the PDB Module Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use Python's PDB module for debugging Python applications. Debugging refers to the process of removi...Learn More
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  2. Improve Your Debugging experience in Visual Studio Code

    Improve Your Debugging experience in Visual Studio Code With this useful feature that you might not be aware of Previously If we want to debug Nodejs applications, we have to create launch.json file to specif...Learn More
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  3. AccessViolation in ObjectNative::IsLockHeld (part 1 of 2)

    Symptoms To monitor the stability of the Datadog .NET tracer, we have a reliability environment where we continuously run mainstream applications such as Orchard. This story starts when, while preparing a rele...Learn More
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  4. NiM Much More than UX Sugar

    Node.js V8 — inspector Manager (NiM) “adds some nice UX sugar on top”… of Node.js debugging. That’s for sure. However now that the DevTools team has built in a solution for the UUID problem, some have disparage...Learn More
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  5. Messed up 3D Meshes: A case study in the limits of integer floating point

    Ok, no noticeable visual change. We can reasonably rule out the optimization algorithm causing this change in geometry…well somewhat at least. However, the fact that we have the same general shape at different ...Learn More
  6. Remote Development and Debugging of Rust with CLion

    Rust, being a relatively new language, is still on its path to gaining wide support by IDEs. Most in our team use CLion for Rust development which is especially great for local debugging, alas it is not free. S...Learn More
  7. A Guide to Better Bug Reporting

    A Guide to Better Bug Reporting How to handle bugs when they show up in your project Software bugs are like real bugs: No one likes them, but they’re a fact of life, and you need a way to handle them when the...Learn More
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  8. Regular Expressions: Sherlock’s Secret Power

    6. Lookbehind and lookahead regex lookaround Negative lookahead : It helps to get all matches not followed by given pattern. A(?!B) In below example we are trying to fetch “The” if it is not followed by “day”...Learn More
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  9. Debugging Mainframe COBOL programs with VS Code

    Many developers do multi-platform development where learning new steps to do common tasks like debugging is painful. How can I simply use a common IDE like VS Code to debug Cobol? Grace Hopper coined the word ...Learn More
  10. Android | Extend the ADB to Make App Debugging Easier

    ADB is a useful and powerful tool to interact with an Android app or the whole Android device via the command line. However, ADB is still far away from a debug tool, therefore, usually, in a big app, we have to...Learn More
  11. Debugging Node.js (Without Relying on Console.* and Debugger)

    It never hurts to step back a bit and have a refresher around how to debug code that runs on Node.js. One of the more common things I’ve noticed, and have done myself in the past, was relying heavily on console...Learn More
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  12. How to Improve Your Debugging Skills

    All of us write code that breaks at some point. That is part of the development process. When you run into an error, you may feel that you don’t know what to do. However, even the most seasoned developers intro...Learn More
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