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  1. Python - sparse vectors/distance calculation

    I'm looking for dynamically growing vectors in Python, since I don't know their length in advance. In addition, I would like to calculate distances between these sparse vectors, preferably using the distance fu...Learn More
  2. Is it possible to calucate the edit distance between a regexp and a string?

    If so, please explain how. Re: what is distance -- "The distance between two strings is defined as the minimal number of edits required to convert one into the other." For example, xyz to XYZ would take 3 edi...Learn More
  3. It’s simple — I miss you…. Missing someone is probably one of the…

    Copyrights: everydayknow.com/Pinterest Missing someone is probably one of the worst feelings you can experience. It’s not something you can see, it’s extremely hard to avoid it. Even if you try to work hard so...Learn More
  4. Find all coordinates within a circle in geographic data in python

    I've got millions of geographic points. For each one of these, I want to find all "neighboring points," i.e., all other points within some radius, say a few hundred meters. There is a naive O(N^2) solution to ...Learn More
  5. Pairwise Kullback Leibler (or Jensen-Shannon) divergence distance matrix in Python

    I have two matrices X and Y (in most of my cases they are similar) Now I want to calculate the pairwise KL divergence between all rows and output them in a matrix. E.g: X = [[0.1, 0.9], [0.8, 0.2]] The functio...Learn More
  6. Worn out by the musings I have for you — in a good way I say if that exists.

    Worn out by the musings I have for you — in a good way I say if that exists. No buts no ifs no commas or even hyphens would ever make me conform to the standard of love and writing; this, I declare, is a contin...Learn More
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  7. calculating distance between to location using latitude & longitude

    in my application i am collecting latitude and longitude when user dialed call or receive call at that time i am calling one function with NSTimer with delay of 15sec , and again i am collecting latitude an...Learn More
  8. Endearing

    Endearing A Poem Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash Muzzled this way, put inside a tiny box, grope passage for new light, any light; transforming myth into idea, a shape before disaster, holding up mirrors for gr...Learn More
  9. Using Numpy to find the average distance in a set of points

    I have an array of points in unknown dimensional space, such as: data=numpy.array( [[ 115, 241, 314], [ 153, 413, 144], [ 535, 2986, 41445]]) and I would like to find the average euclidean distance between all...Learn More
  10. The bridge that holds our margins

    The bridge that holds our margins remains undone unfinished pillars hold our ego fed by wounds amulets of love are being shattered one by one while hell exposes underrated living rooms. Drowned in tides tha...Learn More
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  11. Troubling

    Troubling Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash The brow returns to its bubbled formation darkness suddenly posed in front You curse at the unknown for a while till they stop answering back Barking at 3 a.m. ...Learn More
  12. Distance formula in java printing NaN -- How do I fix this?

    Okay, so I'm using the distance formula to print out the distance between two player objects from inside one of the player objects (With "other" being another Player object). How can I get it to just print the...Learn More