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  1. How to Keep Your Software Safe From DLL Hijacking

    **How to Keep Your Software Safe From DLL Hijacking** For years, technology enthusiasts have used tools such as extreme injector to create DLL libraries to carry out specific jobs or processes. The main purpos...Learn More
  2. Including PYDs/DLLs in py2exe builds

    One of the modules for my app uses functions from a .pyd file. There's an option to exclude dlls (exclude_dlls) but is there one for including them? The build process doesn't seem to be copying the .pyd in my m...Learn More
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  3. MinGW library converted to Windows library gives odd link in VC++6

    I used the MinGW .a to Windows .lib transformation process as detailed in a thread on the gmp-discuss list, as below (acting against a library created with --disable-shared --enable-static.) cp libgmp.a gmp.a ...Learn More
  4. Specify ordinals of C++ exported functions in a DLL

    I am writing a DLL with mixed C/C++ code. I want to specify the ordinals of the functions I'm exporting. So I created a .DEF file that looks like this LIBRARY LEONMATH EXPORTS sca_alloc @1 vec_alloc...Learn More
  5. How to walk the methods and their properties contained in a DLL?

    Using preferably JScript, but VBscript will also do, how does one walk a DLL obtaining the properties and their attributes contained therein? Why? Because it would be good to ascertain the attributes of certain...Learn More
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  6. VerQueryValue Fileversion doesn't match Windows Shell

    I'm using the VerQueryValue to retrieve strings from a DLL's VersionInfo. All works fine, except that the FileVersion displayed by Explorer (right-click on file, Properties, Details, "File Version") doesn't ma...Learn More
  7. Interrupt Python program deadlocked in a DLL

    How can I ensure a python program can be interrupted via Ctrl-C, or a similar mechanism, when it is deadlocked in code within a DLL?...Learn More
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  8. Resources for designing .dll structure

    I just came out of a design meeting and had a question posed to me about where I got one of my ideas about how to structure some .dlls of a project we are building. To be honest I have no idea where this "idea"...Learn More
  9. Best way of Multithreading

    I have a college assignment due quite soon, and I need to be able to call a C++ dll that takes a long time (possibly infinte, it relies on user input)to execute. Im calling this through VB. My VB GUI freezes up...Learn More
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  10. Pyinstaller ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 linking problem

    I'm trying to deploy my Python based application on another Linux host. Pyinstaller works flawlessly as long as I run the generated executable on my own system. On the target box I get this error message: ...Learn More
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  11. How do I call a method in a custom ActiveX dll using java/vb script

    I have created an ActiveX dll using VB6 and packaged it using the Package & Deployment Wizard which has resulted in a cab file and a demo HTML page. This ActiveX dll contains a simgle method that returns a...Learn More
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  12. Is it possible to have version-independent DLL references in a class?

    I would like to create a class that compiles into a single DLL. This DLL would add functionality to an existing product. To make this work, the custom class references DLLs contained in the underlying produ...Learn More