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  1. Helping Hearts for the Helpless Hearts…❤️

    In India if we see the situation and condition a poor is living be it an urban or rural region, the hardship & difficulties he/she might be facing is given very less importance, it is not strange thing but it i...Learn More
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  2. OLGC raising money through “Baby Bottle Drive”

    OLGC raising money through “Baby Bottle Drive” Historically more than 40 churches of all denominations all over the immediate area have supported the “Baby Bottle Drive.” In addition, many other assorted organ...Learn More
  3. Black Americans Donate More on Average Than White Counterparts

    Black Americans Donate More on Average Than White Counterparts Photo: Willie B. Thomas/Getty Images Simply put, Black Americans are—and always have been—major philanthropists. This reality may not mesh with ...Learn More
  4. Want to do better? Give more!

    Want to do better? Give more! Every new year, a lot of people look to improve their lives and have better habits. Many resolve to keep the cheer from the holidays all year by being more charitable and giving b...Learn More
  5. Deep dive into donations

    Motivated by the red numbers last month, I was really interested in how exactly the donation numbers are currently. Especially in regards to how many of players actually donate and how much they donate. My gut ...Learn More
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  6. 8 Inexpensive Acts of Charity You Can Do This Holiday Season

    COVID-19 Pandemic has taken its toll on people around the globe. There are thousands of people who lost their jobs and even suffered from the death of their closed ones. Needles to say, this holiday season it i...Learn More
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  7. Unpopular Opinions.

    Crowdfunding websites are scum. We scroll our social media feed everyday, pushing one post after another down, whiling away our time. We see friends posting heartwarming stuff, cringe stuff, funny stuff and wh...Learn More
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  8. Clean and Green Pakistan

    Clean and Green Pakistan Our idea about plantation (Save environment) is Very good. We can make it more creative by our own hard work. We can make awareness campaign among people from different platforms. W...Learn More
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  9. We can care about Flint, world hunger, refugees and the Notre Dame all at the same time.

    We can care about Flint, world hunger, refugees and the Notre Dame all at the same time. Myra Gupta Apr 17, 2019·3 min read In the days following the tragic fire at the Notre Dame in Paris, hundreds of million...Learn More
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  10. Ask your donors for the right amount

    Ask your donors for the right amount How non-profits can maximize small-dollar fundraising using machine learning Picture this: you open your mailbox and see an envelope from the local 501(c)(3) you gave to l...Learn More
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  11. ’Tis the season to give — virtually

    Normally at this this time of year — in between gift shopping and the usual year-end frenzy — many of us look for ways to give back. This year of 2020, however, has been anything but “normal”. That is all the m...Learn More
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  12. Proof of Giving

    For many, the term “crypto” summons visions of lambos and 6-figure cartoon cats. Crypto’s cultural mores involve going to the moon, and “number go up.” Despite these associations, a theme in 2021 has been chari...Learn More