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  1. Making An Effortless Switch From .NET to Java

    **Making An Effortless Switch From .NET to Java** Ever since programming and programmers took center stage, there has been this never ending debate about which of the two, .NET and JAVA, is a better programmin...Learn More
  2. What do ref, val and out mean on method parameters?

    I'm looking for a clear, concise and accurate answer. Ideally as the actual answer, although links to good explanations welcome. This also applies to VB.Net, but the keywords are different - ByRef and ByVal...Learn More
  3. How do I group in memory lists?

    I have a list of Foo. Foo has properties Bar and Lum. Some Foos have identical values for Bar. How can I use lambda/linq to group my Foos by Bar so I can iterate over each grouping's Lums? ...Learn More
  4. How to test a WPF user interface?

    Using win forms with an MVC/MVP architecture, I would normally use a class to wrap a view to test the UI while using mocks for the model and controller/presenter. The wrapper class would make most everything i...Learn More
  5. How can I take a byte array of a TIFF image and turn it into a System.Drawing.Image object?

    I have a byte[] array, the contents of which represent a TIFF file (as in, if I write out these bytes directly to a file using the BinaryWriter object, it forms a perfectly valid TIFF file) and I'm trying to tu...Learn More
  6. What are the list of Resharper like plugins for VS I should consider?

    My license for Whole Tomatoes Visual AssistX is about to expire and I'm not really planning on renewing it. I use it for spell checking but that's about it. The refactoring abilities have been a little disapp...Learn More
  7. Perform token replacements using VS post-build event command?

    I would like to "post-process" my app.config file and perform some token replacements after the project builds. Is there an easy way to do this using a VS post-build event command? (Yeah I know I could probab...Learn More
  8. Data Layer Best Practices

    I am in the middle of a "discussion" with a colleague about the best way to implement the data layer in a new application. One viewpoint is that the data layer should be aware of business objects (our own clas...Learn More
  9. Runtime Configuration in .Net (specifically the EntLib)

    I'm looking for a way to configure a DB connection at runtime; specifically using the Enterprise Library. I see that there's a *.Data.Configuration (or something close to this ... don't recall off the top of m...Learn More
  10. How do I best convert a DbType to System.Type?

    How do I best convert a System.Data.DbType enumeration value to the corresponding (or at least one of the possible corresponding) System.Type values? For example: DbType.StringFixedLength -> System.Strin...Learn More
  11. IKVM and Licensing

    I have been looking into IKVMing Apache's FOP project to use with our .NET app. It's a commercial product, and looking into licensing, IKVM runs into some sticky areas because of its use of GNU Classpath. Fro...Learn More
  12. sizeof() equivalent for reference types?

    I'm looking for a way to get the size of an instance of a reference type. sizeof is only for value types. Is this possible? ...Learn More