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  1. A Guide to Effective Web Design for E-Commerce

    **A Guide to Effective Web Design for E-Commerce** As anyone who has ever bought anything on Amazon will know, there’s money to be had in ecommerce. In 2017 alone, global ecommerce sales amounted to over 2.3 tr...Learn More
  2. How To Build An E-Commerce App To Win Over Customers

    **How To Build An E-Commerce App To Win Over Customers** E-Commerce is growing and appealing to more business owners as well as customers. It has become a powerful tool to leverage offline business and as a res...Learn More
  3. Spree e-Commerce within Existing Application

    I'm trying to setup Spree within my application (I'm open to using the Gem or running it in vendor mode). I've reviewed the documentation and the wiki and I'm still a bit confused as to how it might work withi...Learn More
  4. django-cart or Satchmo?

    I'm looking to implement a very basic shopping cart. Satchmo seems to install a lot of applications and extra stuff that I don't need. I've heard others mention django-cart. Has anyone tried this Django app ...Learn More
  5. Testing recommendations for LAMP web apps

    I need help testing! :) I work at a small webdev company and am responsible for the quality of our applications. We build e-commerce sites every now and then, and since our customers rely on the site to make...Learn More
  6. E-Commerce Best Practices: For declined credit cards, how much info is too much?

    My colleagues are having a debate as to how specific to be for credit card transactions that were declined. We get a lot of details about the transactions from our card processor, and we're trying to decide how...Learn More
  7. Amazon is not great, but the others are worse

    The figures are impressive: Amazon has doubled its profits compared to the previous year, despite massive investments. The pandemic is fuelling the mail-order company’s exceptional position. COVID-19 is making ...Learn More
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  8. Django - Coleman

    I am a noob in Django and I started a project that is to have a shopping cart/ e-commerce solution. I have been reading into Django 1.2 e-commerce book by Jesse Legg and I am looking for someone who has gone th...Learn More
  9. Good resources on e-shop, e-commerce store Software Design?

    I'm designing an online store myself from scratch and I'm really missing some valuable resources about the common problems and solutions found in designing and implementing a s-shop/e-commerce system Do you kn...Learn More
  10. Is it possible to do a post action to two separate servers

    I'm running an online shop and I'm trying to have the "purchase" (which is a form "post" action) post to two separate servers (one local and one remote) ... I think this might be impossible but I'm looking for...Learn More
  11. How Cash on Delivery Fuelled E-Commerce Growth in India

    This article was originally published on OnlineSales.ai What is Cash On Delivery? According to Wikipedia Cash on delivery (COD), is the sale of goods by mail order where payment is made on delivery rather th...Learn More
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  12. How to merge or copy anonymous session data into user data when user logs in?

    This is a general question, or perhaps a request for pointers to other open source projects to look at: I'm wondering how people merge an anonymous user's session data into the authenticated user data when a u...Learn More