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  1. Solve SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing

    Solve SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing How many of us are Python Programmers here? I hope many of us and I hope almost all of us might have come across SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing an...Learn More
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  2. How to check for EOF in Python?

    How do I check for EOF in Python? I found a bug in my code where the last block of text after the separator isn't added to the return list. Or maybe there's a better way of expressing this function? Here's my c...Learn More
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  3. EOF while scanning triple-quoted string literal

    i've looked on the web and here but i didn't find an answer : here is my code zlib.decompress(""" xワᆳヤ=ラᄇHナs~Ʀᄑç\ムîà Z@ÑÁÔQÇlxÇÆïPP~ýVãì゙M6ÛÐ|ê֭ᄁᄂヤ=)}éÓUe﬿ö3ᄎᄌú"}ʿïÿ÷1þ8ñ́U÷ᄏñíLÒVi:`ᄈᄎL!Ê҆p6-%Fë^ヘ÷à,Q.K!ユô`ÄA!...Learn More
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  4. exec() raises 'unexpected EOF' error when encountering the : character

    In the program I am writing (a text-based rpg) I am going to include 'scripts', little pieces of code that add interactive functionality to the game (such as an NPC greeting you when you enter a room). Writing ...Learn More
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  5. Python unexpected EOF while parsing

    My code: def getAppHistory(self): path = self.APP_STORAGE + "\\history.dat" if os.path.exists(path): hist_file = open(path, "r") hist_data = hist_file.read() else: hist_file ...Learn More
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  6. Python subprocess calling bcp on .csv: 'unexpected eof'

    I'm having an EOF issue when trying to bcp a .csv file I generated with Python's csv.writer. I've done lots of googling with no luck, so I turn to you helpful folks on SO Here's the error message (which is trig...Learn More
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  7. How to terminate read() when EOF is not encountered?

    I am building a client/server model but using sockets, using named pipes, with mkfifo(). A client writes output into the name pipe, and I read the input in my server using: while ((n = read(fd_in, &newC...Learn More
  8. Syntax Error: Unexpected EOF while parsing?

    I'm doing a simple little average calculator. def avg(): sumSoFar = 0 count = 0 numCount = 0 while numCount != "": numCount = eval(input("Please enter a number or press <enter> to quit: "...Learn More
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  9. Problems with global variables, pickle, that sort of thing

    This is my first post. I am getting the error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<input>", line 1, in <module> File "intruder.py", line 47, in <module> main...Learn More
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  10. Creating a remote a file over serial using python

    I have a host connected to a Linux target over serial. The target is using the serial port for shell I/O. I need to save a text file on the target with contents from the host. I thought I could get away with d...Learn More
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  11. Multiple arguments with stdin in Python

    I have a burning question that concerns passing multiple stdin arguments when running a Python script from a Unix terminal. Consider the following command: $ cat file.txt | python3.1 pythonfile.py Then the con...Learn More
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  12. Catch EOL exception in python

    I m trying to execute some code statement dynamically in Python using exec() The code statement is accepted from the user input. How do I handle the EOF exception that occurs when the string quotes are not clos...Learn More
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