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  1. Pyramid Explained

    Pyramid Explained What is Pyramid Pyramid is a Python web framework created from the combination of Pylons and repoze.bfg, resulting in a flexible, easy to use framework. Pyramid puts much of its focus in being...Learn More
  2. Heartbleed Bug Explained

    Heartbleed Bug Explained As you may have heard, there is a new OpenSSL bug out there, and its a bad one. This isn't one of those bugs or hacks that you hear about in the news and safely ignore like you always d...Learn More
  3. CMUcam Pixy Explained

    **CMUcam Pixy Explained** What is Pixy? Pixy is a fully open source embedded camera that has a dual core ARM processor, USB/I2C/UART/SPI communication, and built-in computer vision algorithms. Pixy, also known ...Learn More
  4. ES6 Classes

    ES6 Classes Introduction There's no doubt that JavaScript popularity has skyrocketed the last few years, and its quickly becoming the language of choice for not only client-side code, but server side as well. I...Learn More
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  5. Managing Environment Variables in Node.js with dotenv

    Managing Environment Variables in Node.js with dotenv Introduction Deploying an application requires developers to put thought and consideration into how it is configured. Many apps are deployed in a developmen...Learn More
  6. XSLT Explained

    XSLT Explained What is XSLT? XSLT is, in my opinion, similar to the likes of the Mako and Chameleon templating engines. XSLT is mainly used to transform some type of structured markup language (like XML) to ano...Learn More
  7. Programming Language Processors

    Programming Language Processors Introduction Nowadays, most programs are written in a high-level language such as C, Java, or Python. These languages are designed more for people, rather than machines, by hidin...Learn More
  8. ES6 Symbols

    ES6 Symbols Introduction Of all the new features in ES6, Symbols might be one of the most interesting to me. I've never been a Ruby developer, so I've never actually seen or used these primitive types in practi...Learn More
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  9. What is Maven?

    What is Maven? Maven Explained Apache Maven is a build automation tool for Java projects. Think of Ant, or Make, but much more powerful and easier to use. If you've ever had to deal with building a Java project...Learn More
  10. ES6 Iterators and Generators

    ES6 Iterators and Generators Iterators and generators are usually a secondary thought when writing code, but if you can take a few minutes to think about how to use them to simplify your code, they'll save you ...Learn More
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  11. Python Virtual Environments Explained

    Python Virtual Environments Explained What is VirtualEnv? The virtualenv tool creates an isolated Python environment (in the form of a directory) that is completely separate from the system-wide Python environm...Learn More
  12. What is Arduino?

    What is Arduino? Arduino Explained One of the most common questions I see from people that are just entering electronics and programming is: what is Arduino? Well, Arduino is a platform for microcontroller devi...Learn More