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  1. Program for Fibonacci Series in Java

    Program for Fibonacci Series in Java Here you will get program for fibonacci series in Java. It is a series in which next term is obtained by adding previous two terms. A fibonacci series will look like 0 ...Learn More
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  2. Using Reducible Functions in Math Problems

    Using Reducible Functions in Math Problems A very entertaining way to solve problems which seems hard otherwise… A Simple Search… Let’s have a look at some easygoing questions which you can solve by trying e...Learn More
  3. My Experiments with ‘Natural’ Data!

    Well, that was that. So after scratching my head as well for years, I have developed a knack for using the sequence anywhere/ everywhere (yes, the inquisitor in me, wakes up intermittently). Now, coming back t...Learn More
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  4. Java Program Fibonacci Sequence

    I am writing a "simple" program to determine the Nth number in the Fibonacci sequence. Ex: the 7th number in the sequence is: 13. I have finished writing the program, it works, but beginning at the 40th number...Learn More
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  5. Project Euler #2 - Python v3.2.3

    I'm having trouble with problem 2 on Project Euler. The objective is to find the sum of the even-valued terms in the Fibonacci sequence whose values do not exceed four million. For some reason, I keep getting 0...Learn More
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  6. What is going on with the "return fibonacci... " in this program?

    I have problem understanding what the return fibonacci( number-1 ) + fibonacci( number-2 ) does in the following program: import sys def fibonacci( number ): if( number <= 2 ): return 1 ...Learn More
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  7. Determining the individual letters of Fibonacci strings?

    The Fibonacci strings are defined as follows: The first Fibonacci string is "a" The second Fibonacci string is "bc" The (n + 2)nd Fibonacci string is the concatenation of the two previous Fibonacci strings. F...Learn More
  8. Recursive Fib with Threads, Segmentation Fault?

    Any ideas why it works fine for values like 0, 1, 2, 3, 4... and seg faults for values like >15? #include #include #include void *fib(void *fibToFind); main(){ pthread_t mainthread; long fibTo...Learn More
  9. Recursion on Fibonacci Sequence

    I need some help in understanding the processing that happens here, so let´s say I call fib(5) I want the fibonacci 5, which is 8. But my brain in trying to understand the algorithm says it´s not. This is how ...Learn More
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  10. How was the recursive fibonacci function derived?

    In python, a recursive function for a Fibonacci sequence that returns the nth fibonacci number can be written as: def fib(n): if n == 1: return 0 if n == 2: return 1 return fib(n-2) ...Learn More
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  11. Regarding the Fibonacci Sequence example in Python's function tutorial

    This is what they have: def fib(n): a, b = 0, 1 while a < n: print a, a, b = b, a+b This is what I have: def fib(n): a = 0 b = 1 while a < n: print a ...Learn More
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  12. How do I create a module for a fibonacci sequence in Python on a Mac with TextWrangler?

    I've been trying to search up valid sequences online but haven't come across one that works in Python interpreter. Every time I input a sequence, the interpreter always finds some sort of mistake or is not able...Learn More
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