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  1. Problem validating filetypes in an ASP.NET FileUpload control with RegularExpressionValidator

    code: <span>Upload Adobe Acrobat file<img src="../../Images/UI/pdf.jpg" style="height: 25; width: 20" height="25" width="20" /></span> <asp:FileUpload ID="up...Learn More
  2. Alternative upload method for Django FileField

    I have some django models that use a FileField, and users have been uploading files in the admin interface. We now have a problem that some files are quite big (1-3G), which makes http upload tricky. There is ...Learn More
  3. How to create a FileUpload control in WPF?

    How do I create a Fileupload control in WPF? I want to upload jpg image files. ...Learn More
  4. Large File (30Mb+) Uploads over the Internet, what are the better options?

    A friend and I have been discussing what's the best way to send large file over the Internet. FTP, single Web services, Chunking Bytes To multiple Web Services, HTTP File Post (multi-part message), RIA Interf...Learn More
  5. How to simulate sys.argv[1:] on web based python

    I have a Python program where the initiation script looks like this: if __name__ == "__main__": main(sys.argv[1:]) To run this, I have to use Shell or Terminal like this: myscript somefile.xml The script ...Learn More
  6. File uploading in AJAX updatepanel without full postback

    I have a update panel, in the update panel I have fileupload control and button control, On button click, I need the file that I have upload in the fileupload control in updatepanel. Exact scenario, I have 8 ...Learn More
  7. Help with file upload in Java/J2EE

    I need to upload a file using Apache fileupload with ProgressListener but alongwith that I also need to show the progressbar for the upload status. Actual requirement is I just need to parse a local XML file p...Learn More
  8. Upload large files in .NET

    I've done a good bit of research to find an upload component for .NET that I can use to upload large files, has a progress bar, and can resume the upload of large files. I've come across some components like A...Learn More
  9. upload file via python script

    I want to upload a file from my computer to a filehoster like hotfile.com via a python script. Because Hotfile is only offering a webbased-upload service (no ftp) I need python first to login with my username a...Learn More
  10. Multi file upload with PHP/Javascript and no flash

    I'm trying to make a webpage that allows the uploading of multiple files at the same times. I will limit the file extensions to the most common images like JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF. I've done some research on th...Learn More
  11. How do you copy a file into SharePoint using a WebService?

    I am writting a winforms c# 2.0 application that needs to put an XML file into a document library on SharePoint. I want to use a WebService instead of using the object model (no sharepoint.dll to reference he...Learn More
  12. Uploading files in RESTful way?

    I'm designing a RESTful API that should handle binary file uploads. Should this be done the same way as html form upload or is there a better way?...Learn More