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  1. Android Upload Image to Firebase Storage Tutorial

    Android Upload Image to Firebase Storage Tutorial In this tutorial you will learn to upload image to firebase storage in android. Firebase storage provides facility to upload any file like image, video, audio, ...Learn More
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  2. Android Push Notification Using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

    Android Push Notification Using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) In this tutorial you will learn to implement android push notification using firebase cloud messaging (FCM). Firebase is a real time cross platform...Learn More
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  3. Android Real Time Chat Application Using Firebase Tutorial

    Android Real Time Chat Application Using Firebase Tutorial In this tutorial you will learn to build an android real time chat application using firebase database. Before reading this tutorial I hope you are alr...Learn More
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  4. How to use the UNNEST function in BigQuery to analyze event parameters in Analytics

    Oh, dear. That’s… a really weird error message. The problem here is that event_params is essentially an array (actually in BigQuery parlance it’s a “repeated record”, but you can think of it as an array). So w...Learn More
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  5. Firebase Google Authentication made easy with new Firebase Update.

    Hey Guys, Today we are going to talk about the new firebase update from 30th September and how it changed Authentication methods. Firebase in the most recent upgrade changed the way Authentication was used in ...Learn More
  6. Firebase Dynamic Link Creation Guide

    Firebase Dynamic Links Creation Guide How to create dynamic links in Firebase. Source Pixabay, By Skitterphoto Firebase Dynamic Links help to control where a user lands depending on whether they have an app ...Learn More
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  7. Integrating Firebase with React Native (iOS and Android)

    Have you ever had that moment while development when you can not or don’t want to work with the back-end to do stuff like deepLinking, authentication, database or etc? That is when Firebase comes in! Beside th...Learn More
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  8. #18 Growth Weekly News

    Learn the latest news in Digital Analytics world and join us on this week’s stories in the comments. 18 is my personal favourite number and I couldn’t do less for you this week. 😊 So, I promise you this: grea...Learn More
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  9. Introduction to Firebase Storage #1: Upload Files

    Some apps allow users to upload images and files, read them, delete them and even download them whenever users want. Such functionality can be useful for social media platforms, blogging platforms or storage se...Learn More
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  10. Integrating Firebase Cloud Functions with Google Calendar API

    Because we want our app to manage/edit/read from your Google Calendar, select the scope https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar for full read/write access. Once that scope is selected, click Authorize APIs at ...Learn More
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  11. DialogFlow: Moving away from the inline editor

    Using the webhook All of problems mentioned above can be easily solved by using an external webhook. Many think that by using the external webhook, you can’t use the Firebase functions anymore, but this is not...Learn More
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  12. How Do I Create a Closed Funnel in Google Analytics for Firebase Using BigQuery? (Part 2)

    Let’s build a multi-part funnel! So if you’re just joining us here in Adventures in BigQuery land, we spent our previous post learning how to build a two-part closed funnel with our analytics data. Along the w...Learn More
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