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  1. How to Tunnel HTTP with SSH

    How to Tunnel HTTP with SSH Tunneling your traffic is the process of sending data, like HTTP, over a different protocol. In this case, we'll show you how to send your browser traffic over the SSH protocol. So w...Learn More
  2. retrieving current URL from FireFox with python

    I want to know what is the current url of active tab in running firefox instance from python module. Does FireFox have any API for this and does python know to work with it?...Learn More
  3. Get selected text and selected nodes on a page?

    When selecting a block of text (possibly spanning across many DOM nodes), is it possible to extract the selected text and nodes using Javascript? Imagine this HTML code: <h1>Hello World</h1...Learn More
  4. How to dynamically change shortcut key in Firefox?

    I have a firefox extension which can be activated by a shortcut key. I want users to be able to change the key combo dynamically. My XUL looks like this <keyset id="ksMain"> <key id="ke...Learn More
  5. Fastest javascript page search

    I am writing a Firefox extension. I would like to search the current webpage for a set of words, and count how many times each occurs. This activity is only performed when the user asks, but it must still happe...Learn More
  6. Automate firefox with python?

    Been scouring the net for something like firewatir but for python. I'm trying to automate firefox on linux. Any suggestions?...Learn More
  7. How do I prevent a swf from refreshing when an iframe is resized?

    I am resizing an iframe, and when I do that in Firefox, the content gets refreshed. I have a swf that extends, and in Firefox when the iframe extends to accommodate the swf, the swf appears in its normal posit...Learn More

    DOCKER — Docker is a container Technology and it installs + boot + login into a device in just a few seconds. Docker just opens a terminal it does not open a GUI Interface. In this article, I am going to show ...Learn More
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  9. firefox 3 favicons - how to make them?

    i noticed that paypal displays a very different favicon, one that's not just a simple 16x16 icon and is lengthy? anyone can teach me? ...Learn More
  10. Silverlight installed in Firefox 3, but not detected/activated

    As the title says really. We are working on a Silverlight banner on a redesign of our site and the Silverlight content works fine in all browsers except Firefox 3 (PC v3.0.7,8 or Mac v3.0.8). The Add-in is mark...Learn More
  11. Here’s How One Can Hide or Show the Home Button in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

    These days, most modern web browsers include a lot of great functionalities that anyone can easily access. All the features in any browser work to provide you with the fast and best web surfing experience. And ...Learn More
  12. webservice.htc, moz-behaviors and Firefox 3

    Whilst trying to get our app working in Firefox (I'm a big proponent of X-Browser support but our lead dev is resisting me saying IE is good enough). So I'm doing a little side project to see how much work it i...Learn More