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  1. Introduction to Python FTP

    Introduction to Python FTP Introduction In this tutorial, we will explore how to use FTP with Python to send and receive files from a server over TCP/IP connections. To make things easier and more abstract, we ...Learn More
    PythonFTPProgramming Languages
  2. Apple DMG files over FTP are getting corrupted why?

    I am trying to FTP some apple DMG files, if we do it by hand through Safari or IE it ends up at the destination just fine and uncorrupted. However, if I use a freeware FTP client that we had been using with gre...Learn More
  3. Is there a uniform python library to transfer files using different protocols

    I know there is ftplib for ftp, shutil for local files, what about NFS? I know urllib2 can get files via HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/FTPS, but it can't put files. If there is a uniform library that automatically detects th...Learn More
    PythonfileFTPnetworkingnfsProgramming Languages
  4. How to handle incomplete files? Getting exception

    I need to create a java program which will create thread to search for a file in particular folder(source folder) and pick the file immediately for process work(convert it into csv file format) once it found th...Learn More
    JavaMultithreadingfile-ioFTPProgramming Languages
  5. Transferring files with metadata

    I am writing a client windows app which will allow files and respective metadata to be uploaded to a server. For example gear.stl (original file) and gear.stl.xml (metadata). I am trying to figure out the corr...Learn More
    C#XMLFTPTransferProgramming Languages
  6. Good high-level python ftp/http lib?

    I'm looking for a good, high-level python ftp client/server library. I'm working on a project that has "evolved" a small http/ftp library on top of ftplib/urllib/urllib2 from what was originally one function, a...Learn More
    PythonHTTPFTPProgramming Languages
  7. Traversing FTP listing

    I am trying to to get all directories' name from an FTP server and store them in hierarchical order in a multidimensional list or dict So for example, a server that contains the following structure: /www/ m...Learn More
    PythonFTPtraversalProgramming Languages
  8. How to delete files with a Python script from a FTP server which are older than 7 days?

    I would like to write a Python script which allows me to delete files from a FTP Server after they have reached a certain age. I prepared the scipt below but it throws the error message: WindowsError: [Error 3]...Learn More
    PythonfileFTPdelete-fileProgramming Languages
  9. Confirm that Python 2.6 ftplib does not support Unicode file names? Alternatives?

    Can someone confirm that Python 2.6 ftplib does NOT support Unicode file names? Or must Unicode file names be specially encoded in order to be used with the ftplib module? The following email exchange seems to...Learn More
    PythonfileUnicodeFTPProgramming Languages
  10. How to close file objects when downloading files over FTP using Twisted?

    I've got the following code: for f in fileListProtocol.files: if f['filetype'] == '-': filename = os.path.join(directory['filename'], f['filename']) print 'Downloading %s...' % (filename) ...Learn More
    PythonFTPtwistedioerrorProgramming Languages
  11. Issue with encoding UTF-8 when FTPing files

    I am able to have my application upload files via FTP using the FTPClient Java library. (I happen to be uploading to an Oracle XML DB repository.) Everything uploads fine unless the xml file has curly quotes ...Learn More
    JavaFTPftp-clientoracle-xml-db-repositoryProgramming Languages
  12. How to upload a file on FTPS server using m2crypto

    I am trying to use ftps to upload file to our FTP server. Login is trivial and works: from M2Crypto import ftpslib ftp = ftpslib.FTP_TLS() ftp.connect(host) ftp.login(username, password) as well as descending ...Learn More
    PythonFTPSSLm2cryptoProgramming Languages