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  1. Android Google Analytics Integration Tutorial

    Android Google Analytics Integration Tutorial This tutorial is about google analytics android integration. Google Analytics will help you to track how many people are using your app, real time users, etc. The t...Learn More
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  2. How To Use Analytics To Identify The Business Value of Your Website

    How To Use Analytics To Identify The Business Value of Your Website 3 simple steps to setup and track business objectives on your website You just finished designing the new website for your business. You lo...Learn More
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  3. Conversion Optimization: 3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Conversion Rate Using Google Analytics

    All websites are created for a purpose. They can make your customers more aware of your brand, encourage them to buy your product, or push them to visit your storefront. The effectiveness of your website in ac...Learn More
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  4. Redesigning Google Analytics from the Ground Up — How to Design User-Friendly Data Visuals

    Google Analytics is a tool with a high learning curve that focuses on powerful functionality and customizability. Here is a screenshot of a demo account. As you can see, it uses an open sandbox design. Howeve...Learn More
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  5. How to use the UNNEST function in BigQuery to analyze event parameters in Analytics

    Oh, dear. That’s… a really weird error message. The problem here is that event_params is essentially an array (actually in BigQuery parlance it’s a “repeated record”, but you can think of it as an array). So w...Learn More
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  6. Firebase Dynamic Link Creation Guide

    Firebase Dynamic Links Creation Guide How to create dynamic links in Firebase. Source Pixabay, By Skitterphoto Firebase Dynamic Links help to control where a user lands depending on whether they have an app ...Learn More
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  7. Predictive analytics for customer acquisition with MADE.com

    As a Data Scientist at MADE.com, I am passionate about web analytics: I use Data and Machine Learning to improve customer conversion rates which in turn helps increase revenue. If you are a marketer or just di...Learn More
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  8. Google tweaks algorithm, world ends: The one thing brand owners actually need to know

    How You Could Have Prevented This I worked for an online publisher from 2011–2014 and our analytics results showed us the exponential growth of mobile visits to our sites month-to-month. Time: Half a billion ...Learn More
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  9. How Do I Create a Closed Funnel in Google Analytics for Firebase Using BigQuery? (Part 2)

    Let’s build a multi-part funnel! So if you’re just joining us here in Adventures in BigQuery land, we spent our previous post learning how to build a two-part closed funnel with our analytics data. Along the w...Learn More
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  10. Data Points 2.0: 5 Must-Read Articles for Google Analytics for SMEs

    Data Points 2.0: 5 Must-Read Articles for Google Analytics for SMEs 5 Articles Full of Google Analytics Tips for SMEs Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are one of our major audiences, so this week’s Data Po...Learn More
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  11. Weeknotes S2 E1

    I’ve never been totally sure about the Seasons thing in weeknotes but after a many week break in my weeknote-ing it sort of makes sense. Five things that happened (including last week) 1 We had our monthly ge...Learn More
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  12. Some query samples to interpret Google Analytics data using Bigquery

    As a BI Analyst working in an Online Travelling Agency company, interpreting customer behaviors data into meaningful insights is a Business As Usual task. Google Analytics is a popular web analytics service tr...Learn More
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