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  1. Best way to profile/optimize a website on google's appengine

    I'm currently trying to optimize my website, which run on the google's appengine. It's not an easy task, because I'm not using any powerful tool. Does anyone have experience in optimizing python code for this ...Learn More
  2. Google AppEngine: Date Range not returning correct results

    Im trying to search for some values within a date range for a specific type, but content for dates that exist in the database are not being returned by the query. Here is an extract of the python code: deltaDay...Learn More
  3. ImportError when using Google App Engine

    When I add the following line to Google's helloworld example: from reportlab.pdfgen import canvas I get the following error: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named reportlab.pdfgen ...Learn More
  4. Web crawlers and Google App Engine Hosted applications

    Is it impossible to run a web crawler on GAE along side with my app considering the I am running the free startup version?...Learn More
  5. How do I write to the console in Google App Engine?

    Often when I am coding I just like to print little things (mostly the current value of variables) out to console. I don't see anything like this for Google App Engine, although I note that the Google App Engine...Learn More
  6. Unit testing and mocking email sender in Python with Google AppEngine

    I'm a newbie to python and the app engine. I have this code that sends an email based on request params after some auth logic. in my Unit tests (i'm using GAEUnit), how do I confirm an email with specific conte...Learn More
  7. Google App Engine Local Environment Error: "cannot import name webapp"

    I've built a GAE site on a Windows machine and I want to work on it from my MacBook. I have the code in SVN remotely and I installed the Mac version of GAE which comes with this launcher program. When I confi...Learn More
  8. Credit card payments and notifications on the Google App Engine

    I ported gchecky to the google app engine. you can try it here It implements both level 1 (cart submission) and level 2 (notifications from google checkout). Is there any other payment option that works on th...Learn More
  9. Is it possible to generate and return a ZIP file with App Engine?

    I have a small project that would be perfect for Google App Engine. Implementing it hinges on the ability to generate a ZIP file and return it. Due to the distributed nature of App Engine, from what I can tel...Learn More
  10. Django template with jquery: Ajax update on existing page

    I have a Google App Engine that has a form. When the user clicks on the submit button, AJAX operation will be called, and the server will output something to append to the end of the very page where it comes f...Learn More
  11. How to fetch more than 1000?

    How can I fetch more than 1000 record from data store and put all in one single list to pass to django?...Learn More
  12. Formatted text in GAE

    Google app engine question: What is a good way to take formatted text (does not have to be rich text) from the user and then store it in a text or blog property in the datastore? Mainly what I'm looking for is ...Learn More