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  1. How to Schedule a Job with Jenkins

    Introduction Scheduling a job in Jenkins is very useful when it comes to developing a great product. Imagine what a great advantage is to transform a time-consuming task into an automated job. It doesn't need a...Learn More
  2. How do I redirect output to stderr in groovy?

    I'm looking for a way to redirect output in a groovy script to stderr: catch(Exception e) { println "Want this to go to stderr" } ...Learn More
  3. Execute a Groovy class in a package from the command line

    Is there a way to execute a Groovy class by specifying the package with dots, as with java? Example: File ./my/package/MyClass.groovy: package my.package class MyClass { static void main(String[] args) { ...Learn More
  4. Standardizing a Release/Tools group on a specific language

    I'm part of a six-member build and release team for an embedded software company. We also support a lot of developer tools, such as Atlassian's Fisheye, Jira, etc., Perforce, Bugzilla, AnthillPro, and a couple ...Learn More
  5. Security Reinforcement: How to collect visitors' IP addresses in Grails Framework?

    How to make a logging list of Users' IP addresses, should this be done via tomcat or grails or a combination of both ...Learn More
  6. Groovlet in Grails apps

    How do I drop a Groovlet into a Grails app? Say, for example, in web-app/groovlet.groovy import java.util.Date if (session == null) { session = request.getSession(true); } if (session.counter == null) { ...Learn More
  7. Catching typos in scripting languages

    If your scripting language of choice doesn't have something like Perl's strict mode, how are you catching typos? Are you unit testing everything? Every constructor, every method? Is this the only way to go abou...Learn More
  8. How to Set the Default Configuration Properties for a Micronaut Library

    How to Set the Default Configuration Properties for a Micronaut Library Vladimír Oraný Follow Feb 10 · 4 min read Micronaut is a very extensible framework which allows you to easily create new libraries. Gener...Learn More
  9. Are there compelling reasons not to use Groovy?

    I'm developing a LoB application in Java after a long absence from the platform (having spent the last 8 years or so entrenched in Fortran, C, a smidgin of C++ and latterly .Net). Java, the language, is not mu...Learn More
  10. Can I use grails tag outside of GSP?

    For example, i can put <g:createLink controller="user" action="show" /> inside a .gsp file and it will work nicely. But also I'd like to use the same closure createLink inside a .groovy file wh...Learn More
  11. Best pattern for simulating "continue" in Groovy closure

    It seems that Groovy does not support break and continue from within a closure. What is the best way to simulate this? revs.eachLine { line -> if (line ==~ /-{28}/) { // continue to next...Learn More
  12. Best groovy closure idiom replacing java inner classes?

    As new to groovy... I'm trying to replace the java idiom for event listeners, filters, etc. My working code in groovy is the following: def find() { ODB odb = ODBFactory.open(files.nodupes); // data nucleus...Learn More