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  1. Hapi vs Express: Comparing Node.js Web Frameworks

    Hapi vs Express: Comparing Node.js Web Frameworks Chances are you've heard of Hapi by now. And you might be wondering how it compares to the Express web framework in Node.js development. In this article, we wil...Learn More
  2. How can HAPI early connection closure warnings be fixed?

    I'm using HAPI to write a simple client and server for HL7v2 messaging. Both client and server appear to work, but are issuing INFO level warnings about early socket terminations when sending an acknowledegemen...Learn More
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  3. How to modify HAPI validation rules for phone numbers?

    The following dependencies are being used from the maven central repository in this example: <!-- provides HAPI library --> <dependency> <groupId>ca.uhn.hapi</...Learn More
  4. HapiTestPanel, ORU-R01 message

    I'm trying to create a HL7 message over IHE standard (ORU-R01 message type) using the HapiTestPanel and I've got an unexpected null word at the beginning of the OBX field, but I don't know where is the mistake....Learn More