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  1. Hello World Program in PL/SQL

    Hello World Program in PL/SQL So, now that you know something very basic about PL/SQL programming language, let’s get our hands dirty into coding. Lets start with the very first program for printing hello worl...Learn More
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  2. First C Program – Print Hello World Message

    First C Program – Print Hello World Message We have gained lots of theoretical knowledge. Now its time to move on and write our first C program to print hello world message and understand it. It is the very fi...Learn More
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  3. Hello World Program in Eight Different Popular Programming Languages

    **Hello World Program in Eight Different Popular Programming Languages** This fact is true that Hello World program is the first program that a programmer writes when he/she start learning a new programming ...Learn More
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  4. If you are new at Medium and have few or no followers…

    My first story got 18 reads. My 2nd story got 7. My 3rd story got 2. Which, I suppose, is better than none. But, the downhill trend wasn’t looking good. After that, I didn’t write here for 10 months. When...Learn More
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  5. Start Here: Zero to JavaScript — Value Types

    Bite size Javascript Lesson you can finish in 3 minutes! Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Context: You need to learn JavaScript in Less than 3 Weeks for a job interview We have all been there. I did Py...Learn More
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  6. Hello, (Machine Learning) World!

    In a former post, I showed how to setup some basic tools for Machine Learning. Now it's time for our Hello, World!. In any language or platform, it's quite common to start learning with a simple program that pr...Learn More
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  7. GO-vatar series: Common code with Golang part 1

    Print As usual newbie’s do, all starting from Hello World as a very common code we all know. Open the URL above then click Run to see the result. fmt is to print the string. We can see the full syntax in http...Learn More
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