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  1. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I know the coronavirus isn’t that scary for a lot of people. Many of you are young and healthy and will be able to defeat it without medical help. But think of those who are immunocompromised. Your caution keep...Learn More
  2. The Most Underrated Skill In Your Successful Data Science Journey

    Mastering asking on LinkedIn LinkedIn is one of the best sources on the internet to find the right people for help and suggestions while learning Data Science. Reaching out to the right people in the right way...Learn More
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  3. Need Help Keeping Your Baby Asleep?

    I want out! That’s the message your toddler will send — one way or another — when he’s ready to wave goodbye to the crib and say hello to a big-kid bed. Your child might actually verbalize displeasure, or more ...Learn More
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  4. Why it’s hard to ask for help

    Sometimes it can be tough for us to ask for help because we don’t want to admit to ourselves that we could use it. We all get a feeling of accomplishment from being able to tackle problems on our own- it’s grea...Learn More
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  5. The United States party is devolving further into crosstown

    The United States party is devolving further into crosstown Subecker Feb 20·6 min read As the GOP moves right, rational Republicans will start losing seats to those on the fringe. And Democrats could be the bi...Learn More
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  6. This is wonderful.

    This is wonderful. People are hungry and dying. I was going to ask you to follow my blog, but it looks like you don’t follow any on here. I wrote you on another platform for ideas on my son. I’m desperate to sa...Learn More
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  7. This Word Best Describes People Who Try To Make Themselves Look Good By Putting Others Down

    This Word Best Describes People Who Try To Make Themselves Look Good By Putting Others Down Photo by Kat J on Unsplash Of course, it’s easy to label such people as simply Narcissistic, Bullies, Sociopaths, In...Learn More
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  8. Bring the Fun Back to Business

    What? Fun? Yes! Fun! Why else do it (basic survival assumed to be taken care of)? I was able to use a little bit of post-Thanksgiving and Pre-Winter Holiday slowdown in my schedule (brief as it has been) to...Learn More
  9. Asking for Help

    Asking for Help Hey Y'all, I know it's giving tuesday today and it's hard for me to ask for help but I'm doing it. In 2019, Solomon Bakari and I chose to accept the creative callings on our lives after the l...Learn More
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  10. Where to go for accessibility help when you are stuck

    Where to go for accessibility help when you are stuck It happens all the time, even to people as experienced in the field of accessibility as I am. You are brainstorming about how to solve an accessibility is...Learn More
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  11. Endangered Species

    You ever been scared to kiss your family goodbye and walk out the house not knowing if you’ll make it back home or not? You ever been scared not knowing next time your loved ones see you is on the news or in a ...Learn More
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  12. Reflection on Amal Tootkay

    Tootkay! Tootkay! Tootkay! What does it even mean? These are treatments from the land, of the land, passed on by people living on the land. That was a mouthful. Tootka means a cure for any negative or evil th...Learn More
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