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  1. Setup ssl, https Let's Encrypt for Nginx on Ubuntu

    Virtual hosts Let's say you want to host domains first.com and second.com. Create folders for their files: mkdir /var/www/first mkdir /var/www/second Create a text file /etc/nginx/sites-available/first.conf co...Learn More
  2. Install Let’s encrypt in a Shared Hosting like GoDaddy

    Why Let’s Encrypt? Let’s Encrypt allows us to install a Free SSL Certificate in your domain that will be accepted by most of the modern web browsers, nevertheless this certificate is only valid for 90 days so ...Learn More
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  3. Tableau Server Linux | SSL Self Signed Certificate Install

    This is an easy guide on how to install a self-signed certificate on Tableau Server that requires just 1 config file and 2 commands. It can also be applied to Windows machines (just make sure to add the OpenSSL...Learn More
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  4. Make your website secure (https) for free!

    Image from https://www.serif.net/serif-news/title/Should-you-run-your-website-securely-on-https-with-an-SSL-certificate/post/11147 First get a Free SSL Certificate for your website Go to https://www.sslforfre...Learn More
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  5. How to forward http to https with .htaccess file

    Image from https://www.serif.net/serif-news/title/Should-you-run-your-website-securely-on-https-with-an-SSL-certificate/post/11147 Log into your hosting where you edit your files (Below is instructions for lin...Learn More
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  6. REST API 🚀 — So called a Back-end system 🖥️

    How things work in real-world? By observing the above picture you might have got an idea what it is 🙄. If not, let me tell you what’s happening 🧐. Let’s take an example to understand this concept. In your st...Learn More
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  7. How to install an SSL Certificate on Sentora?

    How to install an SSL Certificate on Sentora? This article offers quick instructions on how to generate a CSR code and install an SSL certificate on Sentora web hosting control panel. Split into four sections, ...Learn More
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  8. What's the best way to specify a proxy with username and password for an **https** connection in python?

    I read somewhere that currently urllib2 doesn't support authenticated https connection. My proxy uses a basic authentication only, but how to open an https based webpage through it . Please help me. Thanks....Learn More
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  9. Validate SSL certificates with Python

    I need to write a script that connects to a bunch of sites on our corporate intranet over HTTPS and verifies that their SSL certificates are valid; that they are not expired, that they are issued for the correc...Learn More
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  10. python urllib, how to watch messages?

    How can I watch the messages being sent back and for on urllib shttp requests? If it were simple http I would just watch the socket traffic but of course that won't work for https. Is there a debug flag I can...Learn More
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  11. Writing python client for SOAP with suds

    I want to convert a perl SOAP client into a python SOAP client. The perl client is initialized like $url = 'https://host:port/cgi-devel/Service.cgi'; $uri = 'https://host/Service'; my $soap = SOAP::Lite -...Learn More
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  12. Python urllib2 HTTPS and proxy NTLM authentication

    urllib2 doesn't seem to support HTTPS with proxy authentication in general, even less with NTLM authentication. Anyone knows if there is a patch somewhere for HTTPS on proxy with NTLM authentication. Regards, ...Learn More
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