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  1. Top 7 Alternative Solutions for iCloud Unlock 2019

    **Top 7 Alternative Solutions for iCloud Unlock 2019** iCloud Unlock tool is a very efficient and effective tool to bypass the iCloud activation lock of the iPhone. It is a software which can be installed on an...Learn More
  2. Website sync of contacts and reminders with iCloud

    I'm building custom CRM web based system and have integrated synchronization of contacts and reminders with Google apps and need do the same with Apple iCloud. Is there any way how to do it? I haven't find any ...Learn More
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  3. Valid file types for iCloud?

    I find many similar question but i didn't get solution for this. Is it possible to upload some file like image, document, zip file to upload on iCloud programmatically? ...Learn More
  4. iCloud: Losing permission to write to a file if it is modified on another machine while open locally

    I have iCloud document sharing mostly working with Mac OS X; I can save and read documents and updates on one machine move to the other machine. The only problem at this point is that if the same document is op...Learn More
  5. Core Data and iCloud adding Pre-Populated sqlite file

    I'm working on an app that uses Core Data and iCloud to sync data between multiple iPads. This is all working fine and I can add data to each iPad and it will sync between them all. I have a Core Data sqlite f...Learn More
  6. iCloud storage entitlements and Jailbreak

    I'm trying to use NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore inside my app and it works as expected with a non-jailbroken iPad. I can delete the app and when I reinstall it, the preferences are still stored in iCloud. However, ...Learn More
  7. How to share data between multiple devices within a universal App to keep Apps in sync?

    I've made an application which supports game center. A user can play a certain amount of levels and can achieve a score for each level. The score is being kept by using Arrays filled with dictionaries with info...Learn More
  8. URLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier without iCloud enabled?

    I have an app which I want to work the same every time, regardless of whether or not iCloud is enabled. Thus, I want to store my core data persistent store in the same place with iCloud enabled as I would witho...Learn More
  9. Core Data with icloud in IOS5

    Is it possible to build an application using core data with iCloud Feature for IOS 5 Deployment? If any Please Provide me some explanation. ...Learn More
  10. How to open iCloud CDT file

    I found this site which details iCloud a bit more, on it, it talks about .CDT files and how they can be 'unzipped' and read as a .plist. As I am having issues with iCloud I thought I could at least see what was...Learn More
  11. iCloud with Core Data

    this question was asked a year ago, but I have a specific question about online/offline syncing. Device A & B are both offline, and you make independent changes to the model, lets say you connect device A ...Learn More
  12. Sequence of regenerate data by iCloud transaction logs

    My app is using core data with iCloud integration. Let's say, initially, I created 5 objects separately. So, iCloud received 5 transaction logs. Next, I delete all objects at once. So, iCloud received just ...Learn More